North raspberry – Cloudberry

Cloudberry – north, tundra berry, herb, native to Murmansk. At a low creeping bog bush first red berries, is not yet mature, and in July – August ripen and turn yellow with an orange tint. During that cloudberries are also called “swamp amber.” Beneficial features Cloudberry is used in dietary and clinical nutrition, to treat […]

Ivan-tea “tea of North”

It grows throughout the northern hemisphere, including Murmansk. Ivan tea (Epilobium, Koporye tea) – the drink is very pleasant to the taste and color, has a powerful healing effect! More in Russia to use the infusion of Ivan-tea as a beverage and medicine for various ailments. This homely-looking grass on therapeutic impact and health-improving properties, […]

In Murmansk started the White Nights

After completion of the polar day in Murmansk started the second series of the white nights (the first was in May to the beginning of the polar day). It will be open from 23 July to 11 August.   The sun will not fall lower than 6 degrees below the horizon, and the duration of […]

Pasvik Nature reserve

24 years ago it was founded Reserve Pasvik “Pasvik” State Nature Reserve was established July 16, 1992. Creating a nature reserve in the unfavorable ecological situation on the Pechenga area of the Murmansk region was the result of cooperation between the two countries in the area of unique beauty and importance of northern nature. Reserve […]

The steam locomotive

#visitmurmansk #murmansk #steamlocomotive #locomotive #murmansk_region Restored after the anniversary of the city of Murmansk and the railway locomotive monument. The steam locomotive L-4386 was built in 1951 on Voroshilovgrad plant designed by the famous engineer of lokomotiv building Lev Lebedyansky and shuttled between the stations ” Louhi – Kandalaksha ” in the post-war years , ” Kandalaksha […]

“Tales Kanda beauty”

“Tales Kanda beauty” – a celebration with Pomor games and competitions, performances and live communication.   The festival was attended by: folklore, vocal and dance groups; national masters of arts and crafts of the Murmansk region and the twin cities. Guests have the opportunity to participate in master classes, active rest on playgrounds. Sights: History […]

Navy Day. Severomorsk

Our company offers you a trip in Severomorsk program on the day of the Navy July 31, 2016! Check price from our managers V-leto.   Map   OUR PROGRAM FOR ONE DAY: Murmansk – Severomorsk – Safonovo – Murmansk Departure from Murmansk. Arriving at the checkpoint Severomorsk. The program of festive events dedicated to the […]

Чемпионат Мира по футболу в “Чердаке”

Хэй, болельщики!⚽ Скорей бронируем места на финал #Евро2016, который пройдет 10 июля в 21:50! Как говорится – “Кто успел, тот и сел”. На «Чердаке» есть огромный экран и холодное пиво???? Бронирование столов по телефону: 70-70-42.  

Rock’n’Roll music bar

7 июля 21:00 РОК-ДУЭТ «ТИ МУ ДЖИН» 8 июля 21:00 РОК-ГРУППА «BLUES CITY BLUES SESSION BAND» 9 июля 21:00 РОК-ГРУППА «ТРУШКИН BAND» 10 июля 19:00 ВОСКРЕСНЫЙ ДЖАЗ (СЕРГЕЙ ЛЕРМОНТОВ)   Группа Rock’n’Roll music bar в ВК

Hunting for Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis – magic lights in the dark sky! Unique natural phenomenon attracts tourists from around the world to the Kola Peninsula. Every year, when the polar night starts – we announce hunt for him! In pursuit of the Northern lights you will receive an excellent opportunity to become acquainted with the night Murmansk, will be […]