Guests from Thailand

Each trip is good in its own way, every people are intresting in their own way. We were pleased to welcome you.                                  

Unforgettable trip with tourists from China

Unforgettable trip with tourists from China held from 20 to 22 November. This is the first such a large group (35 people) this year. We are very worried that all goes well. And everything was just great! We met our tourists at the airport with champagne! Everyone was pleasantly surprised! Next informative tour of the […]

Murmansk region is betting on gastronomic tourism

Murmansk region relies on the development of gastronomic tourism, said the minister of industry and business in the region Olga Kuznetsova, speaking at the Murmansk International business week. According to her, the work is carried out in several directions, including the identification of the Arctic brand gastroturov formation and identification of interest, which could enter […]

Murmansk region intends to promote Arctic sea tourism

The Government of the Murmansk region and the world’s largest tour operator – the company TUI signed a cooperation agreement aimed at promoting the region’s tourism products. The governor of the Murmansk region Marina Kovtun and CEO of “TT-Travel” (trademark TUI) Taras Demura signed the document in the framework of the V Murmansk international business […]

Another satisfied group of tourists from Thailand

Last week, the weather on the Kola Peninsula decided to play with us a cruel joke. The temperature jump between + 3–3 degrees Celsius, was rain, snow, sleet, fog stretched, but we’ve still got to have a good time and leave with our visitors only positive impressions! At night we visited the brightest area Murmanska- […]

5 reasons to visit the Murmansk region

Murmansk region is located in the northwest of Russia, on the Kola Peninsula, the Arctic Circle. This vast area of wild hills, windswept tundra and dense taiga forests, countless rivers and lakes. This is a land with a harsh northern nature, the area is inexhaustible natural wonders and fascinating folk traditions. The capital of the […]

Murmansk region entered the top three winners of the category “Russian Ecological recreation” of National Geographic Traveler Awards 2016 competition

Murmansk region took the 3rd place in the category “Russian Ecological holidays” competition National Geographic Traveler Awards 2016 winner losing only 4%, and ahead of such well-known tourist attraction centers as the Altai and Karelia. The places between the leaders were as follows: Vologda region (20%), the Republic of Crimea (18%), Murmansk region (16%). 15 […]