Visit Murmansk wishing you a Happy New Year!

?Visit Murmansk wishing you a Happy New Year!? First of all, there is a wish to tell many thanks to our clients and guests! Thank you that you choose and you trust us! Thanks to you we grow and we develop! This year we updated Aurora Village hotel and made excellent windows and heat-insulated floors! ? […]

The Russian NTV channel about the Polar Lights and Aurora Village.

The Russian NTV channel about Teriberka, the Polar Lights and Aurora Village. All wait for Aurora Borealis differently. Someone freezes, someone brings ethnic tools, and someone settles down in a comfortable loggia Aurora Village with a glass of champagne))??

Beautiful movie about riding sport!

A story about the journalist Liana – the fragile girl who in a month mastered bases of riding sport and participated in the regional championship ? Very interesting and exciting cinema! Natalya and Aleksey trained Liana. They are owners of nursery “Smile of Alaska” where there is a lot of beautiful huskies with which it is […]

40 days without the sun. How it? Polar Night begins in Murmansk

From the scientific point of view Polar night in Murmansk lasts from December 2 to January 11. Polar night — the period when the Sun more than 24 hours (that is more than 1 days) does not appear from behind the horizon. But nevertheless during twilight when the sun because of the horizon lights high […]

Guests from China visited the Mother’s Day in Teriberka.

Guests from China visited the Mother’s Day in Teriberka. It seems, it was almost only audience in the hall. However our tourists could hear traditional Pomor songs of Teribersky Pomor chorus. It exists in Recreation center since 1935 (then still recreation centers called club). Activity of chorus did not stop even in the most difficult […]

Riddles of siedis (mysterious stone constructions)

Mysterious stone constructions most often meet in Norway and other Scandinavian countries, but many of them can be met also in the north of Russia — in Karelia and on the Kola Peninsula. According to one of versions, siedis in the religious purposes were built by the ancient Sami who began development of the peninsula […]

We are at the Murmansk international business week

The Murmansk international business week in 2018 will pass from November 12 to November 16. Here more than 3 thousand participants from 20 subjects of our country gathered. Visitmurmansk and many other interesting tourist projects take part too here. The existing and perspective projects in various industries are traditionally discussed. The Arctic shelf, power and tourism, […]