September 1 The program of a holiday in Murmansk On the Day of Knowledge, young Murmansk citizens will eat ice cream, bathe in balloons and visit the “School Country” Area Five Corners Holiday “Murmansk-city of sweet tooth” 13.00 – 18.00 – delicious ice cream – Theatrical performance from the creative teams of the polar capital […]

Who doesn’t need the visa to Russia?

In what case it is possible to arrive to Russia without visa? 1.To enter the list of the countries with a visa-free regime (to read below) 2.To be subject to a special visa regime (to read below) As for China, that now the Russian and Chinese travelers can mutually drive according to visa-free lists in the groups […]

Freak of nature or traces of an ancient civilization?

Disputes on whether really the Kola Peninsula once was a part of legendary Giperborei and the ancestral home of arias (ancestors of Slavs), don’t cease several decades. But more than is enough proofs at this hypothesis. In Murmansk region, on the Kola Peninsula, near the well-known mystical lake Seydozero there is Mount Ninchurt. Last century […]

Very soon season of Aurora Borealis! You look in our new video

Very soon the surprising and fantastic time of Aurora Borealis will begin… The poured game of color fires in the sky, a snow crunch under legs, a light frost, warm stories and a cup of the warming tea… All this can be felt literally in 3 months. But the season of Aurora Borealis will open […]

Meteor Rain

Meteor Rain

Residents of Russia will be able to see the meteor shower Residents of Russia on the night of August 13 will be able to see the Perseid meteor rain when a partial eclipse of the Sun takes place. A partial eclipse of the Sun with a maximum phase of 0.74 will be seen in the […]