Online interview with the director VisitMurmansk and Aurora Village

Friends, if you want to learn more about Murmansk, Northern Light and all the reasons to visit our region – in this interview all relevant information! Oleg Terebenin will tell you about the company ‘s activities and answer the following topical questions: – Features of winter tourism; – Prospects for tourism development in the Murmansk […]

MURMANSK REGION ON THE TOURISM EXPO JAPAN! (from October 24 to October 27)

We invite you to visit the stand of the Murmansk region at the Tourism Expo Japan (from October 24 to October 27) Exhibition site ✅Our manager Dmitry Tokarchuk will be waiting for you at our desk at the joint stand of Russia. Dmitry will answer all your questions about traveling to the Murmansk region. ❄Our […]

What you need to know if you want to catch the Northern Lights

Aurora Borealis forecast for 27 days in Murmansk. (from October 9 to November 2) Friends, on our website or in the application you can always see the forecast of radiance. Or save this picture in bookmarks. ⠀ ? Life hacks for Aurora Borealis hunters: ⠀ ✅On the Kola Peninsula, you can see […]