On January 22-28 in the “Snow Village” – festival of snow and ice sculptures “Snegoled — 2018”.

One more occasion to visit our region!
On January 22-28 in “the Snow Village” there will take place the annual festival of snow and ice sculptures “Snegoled — 2018”. As it looks look in video!

Snegoled is the festival which already became traditional which annually takes place in main “Village” of Murmansk region since 2011.

Where and when there takes place the festival?

In 2018 the holiday of snow and Snegoled ice — will last 2018 only one week from January 22 to January 28. But you should not be upset. Positive emotions and excellent mood will be enough for all. Come to the Snegoled — 2018 Festival and be convinced of it personally!

What is Snegoled?

Snegoled traditionally passes in two stages:

1. In the territory of the most “Snow Village” sculptors create various snow and ice figures and compositions. Masters within a week in the face of all visitors of the excursion and tourist center work.

2. On the main square of Kirovsk there takes place the show competition “Mad Saw”. It is a spectacular point of the Festival. In 90 minutes by means of saws, lomik and shovels sculptors turn a usual piece of ice into a masterpiece!

This really gripping and fascinating show to which locals go the whole families. And tourists from the different cities of Russia and neighboring countries for the sake of it come in the winter to Kirovsk.

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