5 reasons to visit the Murmansk region

Murmansk region is located in the northwest of Russia, on the Kola Peninsula, the Arctic Circle. This vast area of wild hills, windswept tundra and dense taiga forests, countless rivers and lakes. This is a land with a harsh northern nature, the area is inexhaustible natural wonders and fascinating folk traditions.
The capital of the Murmansk region, the hero-city of Murmansk is Russia’s gateway to the Arctic, home port of the nuclear fleet in Russia, a major node for transportation and material handling.
You can call hundreds of reasons to visit in the Murmansk region, but first let’s define five key ones.

1. Land’s End and the pacification of the Arctic

It is difficult to say that the journey is impressive most of all is to achieve ends of the earth, the power of the world’s first nuclear-powered icebreaker “Lenin”, standing on a laid in ice-free port of Murmansk, the beauty of the pristine Arctic environment or the incomparable charm of one of the most amazing places on the planet, filled with only the sounds of nature.
762.2 thousand. People prodivaet all on the Kola Peninsula, an area of 144.9 thousand square meters.
Excursion and tourist center “Snow Village” is an amazing adornment snow province. This unusual structure built entirely of snow and ice, which was included in the Russian Book of Records as the largest building on the snowy area.

2. The wonders of nature

The special geographical position of the Murmansk Region has awarded countless treasures, including the Northern Lights this mysterious phenomenon, which can last from a few hours to several days. Amaze travelers and summer polar day, when the sun never sets, and polar nights from late November until mid-January, when the sun does not appear over the horizon.
Ecological Tour Lapland Nature Reserve (Biosphere Reserve UNESCO, one of the largest protected areas in Europe) lie on the wild unspoiled nature which is in its natural pristine state.
Middle Peninsula and fish located in the northern part of European Russia. Just two and a half thousand kilometers from the North Pole with the highest color here tempting prospect to put a tick against the item in the biography “Bathed in the Arctic Ocean” can be realized.

3. King salmon fishing in Kola rivers

Murmansk region is a famous worldwide for its spawning rivers and stored in their herd of wild Atlantic salmon and other valuable fish species.

Fishing salmon is permitted in 74 rivers during its course to spawn. Fishing is carried out mainly on the principle of fly caught – let some trophies weigh more than 20 kg.
gallery_9297_533_1178614. Conquest Hibin

Khibiny Mountains is the one of the most visited areas of the Kola Peninsula, and a true paradise for active adventure tourism at any time of the year. Hibiny is unusual, mystical mountains, their age about 300 million years and they truly emanates wisdom and serenity.
The ski resort “Big Woodyavr” is the highest resort in Northwest Russia; total elevation change on routes of 550 meters.

5. On the trail of the lost Hyperborea

Hyperborea is the legendary Nordic country, whose name in Greek means – “for the north wind Boreas.” The Indian “Rigveda”, Iranian “Avesta”, Chinese and Tibetan historical chronicles, Russian epics, myths and legends of different peoples of the world described by the northern ancestral home of polar phenomena – the Northern Lights and the polar night, where the sun rises and sets only once a year, and the year is divided into one long day and a long night. One day, this country has been destroyed by the come with ice and snow, which made it unbearable climate and people were forced to go out to the south.
The Sami are indigenous peoples living in the territory of the Lovozero tundra of the Murmansk region, cherish the legends about their ancestors who lived here more than 20 000 years ago, the mystical lake Seydozero, as well as the villain Kuiva, whose image can be seen on a rock near the lake.

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