50 Years of Victory in the home port

50 Years of Victory in the home port

July 19, the largest in the world Russian atomic icebreaker 50 Years of Victory returns to its home port – the dream of all avid travelers.

“50 Years of Victory” is the first in the history of a flood vessel, which reached the geographical point of the North Pole. This is a modified project 10520 “Arktika”, the vessel used the spoon-shaped bow shape, first used in the development of the Canadian experimental icebreaker Canmar Kigoriak in 1979 and convincingly proved its effectiveness in trial operation. On the icebreaker installed digital automatic control system of the new generation. The complex of means of biological protection of the nuclear power plant, re-examined in accordance with the modern requirements of Rostechnadzor, has been modernized. An ecological compartment has been created at 50 Years of Victory, equipped with the latest equipment for the collection and disposal of all the products of the ship’s life.

On a cruise on board for tourists, there is a restaurant, gym, sauna, swimming pool, library and music room, satellite television system. The legendary expedition to the North Pole crosses the Arctic Ocean through centuries-old ice, explores one of the most difficult regions of the Arctic – the archipelago of Franz Josef Land, and finally reaches the place – where all the medians converge.

In the port of registration the most powerful icebreaker will last only a few hours. He is waiting for the next 13-day expedition. And on July 30, he will travel with the eminent traveler Fyodor Konyukhov.

This summer, “50 Years of Victory” runs the entire summer navigation. Hurry up to see the legendary ship in the port of Murmansk near the pier of distant lines.

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