Murmansk is preparing for the holiday

Today, in the central square of Murmansk, a trial inclusion of the LED fountain took place. Specialists of the “Murmansk city parks and squares” checked the integrity of the connection of the structure. Another traditional attribute of the New Year holidays – ten winter hills are located in the favorite places of rest of Murmansk […]

Program of events for the Murmansk City Day

The 4th of October: 12.00 – solemn opening of the capsule of the message with a letter to the inhabitants of Murmansk in 2017 from the Murmansk residents of 1967 (square on Leningradskaya Street); 13.00 – solemn reception in honor of honorary citizens (hotel and business center “Arctic”). October 7th: 10:00 – 19:00 – children’s […]

Traditional Saami National Games

September 9, 2017  in the settlement Loparskaia will be one of the most vivid and significant events in the Kola district – the 21st traditional Saami National Games. The purpose of the celebration is the revival, development and popularization of the distinctive culture, national traditions and art crafts of the indigenous minorities of the North. […]

Local Lore Museum will present the exhibition «The attraction of the North»

Murmansk regional museum of local lore in the framework of the All-Russian action “Night of Cinema” will present the exhibition “The attraction of the north”. 12 tablets will present information about the region, its sights, about the most significant historical monuments, about the features of the northern nature, about the prospects for the development of […]

Feast of the Pomeranian Roe in the village of Kurezka Murmansk Region

Today in Kuzreka there is a holiday of Pomorian Roe. Pomorian Roe – ritual cookies from salted rye dough, baked in Pomor families from the XII century. In the morning, “Street of Masters” and “Glutton row” will work with the products of local craftsmen and manufacturers. At 12 o’clock the official opening of the holiday […]

Russia Day

The Day of Russia will be celebrated in Murmansk on the Five Heights On June 12, the Day of Russia was registered. In Murmansk on the square “Five corners” there will be a folk festival for the citizens and guests of the polar capital. The best creative groups and artists of the city and the […]