Murmansk on popular Russian TV show!

Murmansk have been visited by popular TV show “Орел и Решка”. This March was so cold, but even the temperature belowed 25 degrees celsius can’t stop Russian people! Орел и решка. Россия, Кольский полуостров от ГПМ РТВ BigTV на Rutube. Enjoy Murmansk with “Орел и Решка”

The program of festivals of Murmansk region for the summer 2018

Every year in our region the list of interesting events and festivals is replenished. We suggest to get acquainted with the forthcoming events of summer of 2018! Pomor regatta Date: on July 7-8, 2018 Since 1998 in the Pomor village Umba there passes the Pomor regatta. Her guests can not only look at competitions, but […]

Sea fishing in the Barents Sea

We invite you to sea fishing in the Barents Sea! Here you will feel the real breath of the Arctic and a severe charm Arctic the ocean! You will have an opportunity to estimate richness of the Barents Sea – a cod, a haddock, a flounder, a ruff, a halibut, a catfish, a scallop. Unfortunately, […]

How the Polar Lights are formed?

Many people come to our regions to see the Polar Lights! Let’s understand as there is this udivitelyy phenomenon? The polar lights this natural phenomenon of improbable beauty, a natural luminescence of the sky which excites minds of people not one century. This phenomenon is called still an aurora or a polar light. The phenomenon […]

The action will take place the “Immortal regiment” on May 9 in Murmansk

“Immortal Regiment” — the international social movement on maintaining personal memory of generation of the Great Patriotic War. Participants of the movement annually on the Victory Day pass a column on streets of the cities with photos of the relatives — veterans of army and fleet, guerrillas, underground workers, fighters of Resistance, home front workers, […]

White nights began in Murmansk

Murmansk is closer to its business card – the polar day, when the sun will not go beyond the horizon. May 2 in the capital of the Arctic began a period of white nights: the sun will not fall below 6 degrees below the horizon. This period will last until May 21, and then the […]

Bikini Khibiny 2018

May 1 in Kirovsk in the ski resort of Big Wood took place a significant event: KHIBINY BIKINI 2018, in the competition took part by more than 500 people. Spring is coming to us very slow, but there are very good conditions for skiing in Kirovsk.

The World Labour Day

1 May is marked in Russia as the Holiday of Spring and Labor Day. In the USSR May Day was a workers’ holiday. According to Lenin, the workers on this day celebrate their awakening to light and knowledge, their association into one fraternal union for the struggle against all oppression, for the socialist organization of […]

Fam trip for tour operators from Russia and abroad!

From April 5 to April 8 we have carried out Fam trip for tour operators from Russia and abroad. For these 3 days our guests of a posmotreta the city, have visited the far village – Teriberka. Have driven in a dog and cervine team, have walked on snow-covered labyrinths of the snow village in […]