Chinese tourists 20-22 December

On 20-22 December, we spent the next trip. Visit the Museum of Local Lore, husky park “Smile Alaska”, Sami village, icebreaker “Lenin” and other interesting places of the city of Murmansk…

Opening of the Snow Village December 24

December 24 will be opened “Snow Village”. Unique excursion and tourist object, built entirely of snow and ice. World snow and ice fairy tales and magic winter: snow halls, corridors, rooms, galleries, ice furniture, sculptures, bas-reliefs, the patterns on the walls, lighting effects and installations slides. For everyone: Walk through the halls and galleries “Snow […]

Congratulation Happy New Year from the Norwegian Consulate

The postcard shows the bus stop Gornitak. Thus, people will get an idea of the beauty of the North and what tourists there are well-equipped space for recreation during the trip. Norwegian newspaper Bergens tidente published an article on the roadside toilets. The author says that the toilet Gornitak is one of the best and […]

Tourists December 12

December 12. Tour with studients from France. Wonderful day in Sami village and in Husky Park “Lesnaya Elan”.  

Guests from Thailand

December 2. Very fun trip with 4 smiling tourists. First of all we go to the  Sami village, then travel to Husky Park “Lesnaya Elan”, after that in the evening,  group go to hunting aurora. It was successfully!  

Group from China

November 27-29, we have a wonderful group of tourists from China. The first day was a sightseeing tour, a visit to the local history museum, tour of the nuclear-powered icebreaker “Lenin”. The second day we go to the Sami village, where we played in the game Sami, communicate with animals and dined hearty soup and venison. On the […]

Guests from Thailand

Each trip is good in its own way, every people are intresting in their own way. We were pleased to welcome you.                                  

Yesterday took a fascinating tour of the Sami village and Husky Park. In the evening, we went in search of the Northern Lights.