Journey to the edge of the earth

There was another trip to our exciting edge. Our tourists were happy that it is very clearly seen in the photo :)  We are always happy to organize a tour at the highest level. In this journey, we visited the Sami village and Teriberka. Thanked tourists Janejira Sanamchai for providing photos.

Free tour of the city of Murmansk

This Sunday – 02.10.2016 – held a free tour of Murmansk. In honor of the 100th anniversary of the beloved city we spend each month a free tour. In October, there were so many who wish that we could not otkazat.Poetomu a tour conducted 02.10.2016 and the next group will go on a tour of 09/10/2016. […]

At the mall there was a musical themed bench

In preparation for the celebration of Murmansk century continued improvement of parks and gardens. Today in the park on the street Vorovskogo, called “Avenue of the enamored” set the musical bench. This is the third thematic bench, which appeared in Murmansk. Earlier Murmansk already appreciated appeared “Lovers Bench” in the street Zoe Kosmodemyanskoy and proprietary […]

Around the Kola Peninsula in 80 days

  Information taken from the website Irina OpanchukAround Kola for 80 days (31 July – 18 October 2008) Tumanniy- Porchniha – r. Olenka – Zahrebetnoe – guba Kekurskaya – Rynda – guba Chegodaevka – Wide Bay – Kharlovka – Red Cape – Cape Voyatka – Fedotovka Bay – Cape Likhaya Pakhta – East Litsa – Lake. Poperechnoe- […]

A fascinating journey along the Kola Bay

A fascinating journey along the Kola Bay

August 25 held a fascinating walk through the Kola Bay. During the walk you can see the city center, railway station, port, icebreaker “Lenin”, Green Cape and the monument Alyosha, 35th shipyard, base “Atomflot” aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov”, Roslyakovo, Severomorsk. The boat is designed for 10 people, it has everything you need: bed, bathroom, music, […]