New perspectives for the development of Aurora Village

Today was a very important meeting of the owner of Aurora Village Oleg Terebenin with representatives of the authorities and energy companies took place. We discussed the connection of Aurora Village to electricity. And this is the new future of our complex! Many prospects are opening, the main of which is reducing the cost of […]

Cruise ship Seven Seas Navigator in Murmansk

The cruise ship Seven Seas Navigator called at the port of Murmansk on August 2. Due to bad weather in the Barents Sea, they were forced to postpone the exit of the cruise ship until August 3. Our guides made very good photos of this ship. Now the ship is in the British port of […]

Icebreaker “50 years of victory” in Murmansk. How we met guests

In Murmansk, the 50th voyage of the 50 Years of Victory icebreaker to the North Pole ended. The icebreaker reached 90 degrees on the sixth day of the cruise, according to the press service of the Russian Geographical Society. Almost 250 people went from the Murmansk to the pole with several flights this year, most […]

Tourists discover the Arctic

This time will go down in the history of the development of our tourism as an era of massive development of the northern expanses of Russia and the Arctic as a whole. An example of the Murmansk region is the most vivid confirmation of this. Who would have imagined just ten years ago that the […]

August 3 in Kuzrek was a holiday of Pomeranian Roe

Pomeranian roe – a talisman amulet. This ancient ceremonial cookie, known since the 12th century, is an allegorical image of happiness, love, health and good luck. The weather on this day was not entirely welcoming, as on the entire Kola Peninsula, but the holiday was a great success! Pomeranian songs, dances, a fair with original […]

5 reasons to visit Murmansk?

1. ?Aurora Borealis. There are no comments here. I think those who have never seen this natural phenomenon could see it in the photo. This is one of the most amazing and beautiful phenomenon on the globe, which you must see live!?   2. ❄Very much snow in winter. For example, you are from a southern country […]

Northern Lights even inspire jewelers! Swarovski Rhinestones with Northern Lights Effect

Currently, fashion designers and jewelery designers use Aurora Borealis coated rhinestones – the “Northern Lights” effect. Stones and rhinestones with Aurora Borealis are radiantly shimmering in the light, and their faces reflect reflexes from those colors that are nearby. That’s why professional dancers like to use them when designing costumes – this gives a unique […]

Today is the last day of the Polar day!

“In winter, the Northern Lights are not turned off, and in the summer the sun is turned on,” said John Woren about our land. Our land is located in such a point of the earth, where you can observe two amazing phenomena – the Polar Day and the Polar Night. Today, July 22, the Polar […]