Group from Iran

Group from Iran ❄️ We visited Husky Park, first-ever ice breaker Lenin, Teriberka, Saami Village and Aurora Villge. ? Took home group from Iran! Someone left, and someone remained for several days! Yes, our region causes spontaneous desire to remain ? #nothernlights #aurora #murmansk #igloo #auroravillage #lightvillage#arctic #northpole #aurorafrecast #husky #visitmurmansk #auroravillage

Russia equated foreign tourists to guest workers

The state once again showed the relation to the priority Tourism project and not ability to exercise control of foreign citizens and having shifted responsibility to business In what essence of the new law? The companies and the natural persons inviting foreigners to Russia will be responsible for observance by guests of rules of stay […]

Foreign tourists submit the North!

If your purpose – to photograph dawn, then you are not frightened either cold or the winds of Arctic Ocean. The group of the Chinese guests with cameras of different calibers meets dawn at hotel in Teriberka. Beaches of the settlement are filled almost like in sunny summer day in the resort. Come and you […]

Visit Murmansk wishing you a Happy New Year!

?Visit Murmansk wishing you a Happy New Year!? First of all, there is a wish to tell many thanks to our clients and guests! Thank you that you choose and you trust us! Thanks to you we grow and we develop! This year we updated Aurora Village hotel and made excellent windows and heat-insulated floors! ? […]

The Russian NTV channel about the Polar Lights and Aurora Village.

The Russian NTV channel about Teriberka, the Polar Lights and Aurora Village. All wait for Aurora Borealis differently. Someone freezes, someone brings ethnic tools, and someone settles down in a comfortable loggia Aurora Village with a glass of champagne))??