Congratulation Happy New Year from the Norwegian Consulate

The postcard shows the bus stop Gornitak. Thus, people will get an idea of the beauty of the North and what tourists there are well-equipped space for recreation during the trip. Norwegian newspaper Bergens tidente published an article on the roadside toilets. The author says that the toilet Gornitak is one of the best and […]

Free tour of the city of Murmansk

This Sunday – 02.10.2016 – held a free tour of Murmansk. In honor of the 100th anniversary of the beloved city we spend each month a free tour. In October, there were so many who wish that we could not otkazat.Poetomu a tour conducted 02.10.2016 and the next group will go on a tour of 09/10/2016. […]

Free tour

Favorite cities Murmansk – 100 years! In honor of this significant date in 2016 tourist company conducts free monthly tours to Murmansk. So it’s time for a second tour, it will be held on July 17! Murmansk – a city-hero! Over a relatively short period of time from the small port town it has […]