The first Foucault pendulum in Russia, beyond the Arctic Circle

The Foucault pendulum is an instrument that demonstrates the daily rotation of the Earth: due to the length of the string on which the pendulum is suspended, during the day it fluctuates according to the daily changes in the rotation of the planet and draws the corresponding pattern (either on sand under the pendulum or […]

Monument to Nikolai Chudotvorets

In Murmansk, a monument to Nikolai Chudotvorets was erected, the solemn opening was timed to the day of the fisherman. Nicholas the Wonderworker, is considered the patron saint of seafarers and travelers. The idea of installing a monument in Murmansk belongs to the famous traveler Fedor Konyukhov. The sculpture is a bronze monument six meters […]

Murmansk on popular Russian TV show!

Murmansk have been visited by popular TV show “Орел и Решка”. This March was so cold, but even the temperature belowed 25 degrees celsius can’t stop Russian people! Орел и решка. Россия, Кольский полуостров от ГПМ РТВ BigTV на Rutube. Enjoy Murmansk with “Орел и Решка”

White nights began in Murmansk

Murmansk is closer to its business card – the polar day, when the sun will not go beyond the horizon. May 2 in the capital of the Arctic began a period of white nights: the sun will not fall below 6 degrees below the horizon. This period will last until May 21, and then the […]

Bikini Khibiny 2018

May 1 in Kirovsk in the ski resort of Big Wood took place a significant event: KHIBINY BIKINI 2018, in the competition took part by more than 500 people. Spring is coming to us very slow, but there are very good conditions for skiing in Kirovsk.

Travel in Russia, to Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Murmansk

This post shares experiences traveling in Russia, to Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Murmansk (within the Arctic Circle).  It’s not about tea, although I will write about what turned up related to that separately.   I did attend a tea tasting in Moscow, with two of the Russians involved with making Laos Tea, and found some interesting shops […]

The polar night will come in 3 days

Polar night is a period when the sun does not appear on the horizon of Murmansk and the Arctic. The period of the polar night in Murmansk is from the second of December to the 11th of January.