Murmansk is preparing for the holiday

Today, in the central square of Murmansk, a trial inclusion of the LED fountain took place. Specialists of the “Murmansk city parks and squares” checked the integrity of the connection of the structure. Another traditional attribute of the New Year holidays – ten winter hills are located in the favorite places of rest of Murmansk […]

In Roslyakovo arrived the ark with the relics of the newcomers

The Ark of the 54 Saints of the Russian Church arrived in the church of St. Archangel Michael of God in Roslyakovo. In the Arctic, the Ark has already visited the temples of Luostari, Zapolyarny, Severomorsk and Zaozersk. After Roslyakovo the course will go to Umba, Varzuga, Polar and Snezhnogorsk. The ark contains particles of […]

A stela of Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya will appear in Murmansk

The opening date is June 22, 2018. Memorial plaque in honor of Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya – the first woman awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union during the Great Patriotic War – will be installed on the street of the same name. The Murmansk sculptor Alexander Arsentiev worked on the creation of the memorable sign. […]

Traditional Saami National Games

September 9, 2017  in the settlement Loparskaia will be one of the most vivid and significant events in the Kola district – the 21st traditional Saami National Games. The purpose of the celebration is the revival, development and popularization of the distinctive culture, national traditions and art crafts of the indigenous minorities of the North. […]

Thirty athletes are the first in the world to cross the Teriberka Bay

On August 13, the International Swimming Arctic Swimming Pool will be held in the village of Teriberka. 30 athletes from different cities and countries will gather to cross the Gulf of Teriber for the first time. Arctic Swim – the fourth and final stage of the series of annual International mass open water competitions X-WATERS. […]

Feast of the Pomeranian Roe in the village of Kurezka Murmansk Region

Today in Kuzreka there is a holiday of Pomorian Roe. Pomorian Roe – ritual cookies from salted rye dough, baked in Pomor families from the XII century. In the morning, “Street of Masters” and “Glutton row” will work with the products of local craftsmen and manufacturers. At 12 o’clock the official opening of the holiday […]

Navy Day 28 of July

Residents and visitors of the city of Severomorsk on Russian Navy Day will be able to get acquainted with the combat capabilities of the Northern Fleet during the traditional military and sports holiday that will take place after the parade of ships in the water area of ​​the Kola Bay. Surface ships, submarines of the […]

Visitmurmansk-the biggest operator in Kola Peninsula

Our company has a license for selling tour packets in Russia. Visitmurmansk is included in Unified Federal Register of Tour Operators in Russian Federation. Some reasons to choose and work with Visitmurmansk: Financial stability; Transport and trevel insurance; Migration Registration of tourists (we are helping with passing migration control); We always take care and give support of each tourist; Makeing […]