An exhibition “Dolls and Japanese Holidays”

Local History Museum opens an exhibition “Dolls and Japanese Holidays” September 7 at 15.00 in the Murmansk regional museum of local lore (Lenin Avenue, 90) opens an exhibition “Dolls and Japanese holidays”. The exhibition is organized by the Embassy of Japan in Russia. The exhibition reveals bright pages from the life of the Japanese – […]

“Gulf Stream” -2018 in Murmansk

Spectators of a sports festival in 2018 will be able to win a flight by helicopter Mi-2 over Murmansk. In Murmansk, everything is ready for the third festival “Gulf Stream” -2018, which will be held this Saturday, September 8. Traditional holiday sports in 2018 are waiting for small changes, perhaps most importantly – the opening. […]


September 1 The program of a holiday in Murmansk On the Day of Knowledge, young Murmansk citizens will eat ice cream, bathe in balloons and visit the “School Country” Area Five Corners Holiday “Murmansk-city of sweet tooth” 13.00 – 18.00 – delicious ice cream – Theatrical performance from the creative teams of the polar capital […]

Freak of nature or traces of an ancient civilization?

Disputes on whether really the Kola Peninsula once was a part of legendary Giperborei and the ancestral home of arias (ancestors of Slavs), don’t cease several decades. But more than is enough proofs at this hypothesis. In Murmansk region, on the Kola Peninsula, near the well-known mystical lake Seydozero there is Mount Ninchurt. Last century […]

Archaeologists specified the age of petroglyphs on the Kola Peninsula

Employees of the Kola archeological expedition of the Institute of the History of Material Culture of the Russian Academy of Sciences confirmed the age of the rock paintings at Kanozero – they are really 6000 years old. In the course of the work, the archaeological expedition discovered the tools that these drawings were made of. […]

495 anniversary of the founding of Teriberka

A group of tourists from Australia, Canada and Ireland visited the attractions of the village of Teribka and even took part in a concert of local amateur performances dedicated to the 495th anniversary of the founding of Teriberka and coincided with the Day of Russia.  

The first Foucault pendulum in Russia, beyond the Arctic Circle

The Foucault pendulum is an instrument that demonstrates the daily rotation of the Earth: due to the length of the string on which the pendulum is suspended, during the day it fluctuates according to the daily changes in the rotation of the planet and draws the corresponding pattern (either on sand under the pendulum or […]

Bikini Khibiny 2018

May 1 in Kirovsk in the ski resort of Big Wood took place a significant event: KHIBINY BIKINI 2018, in the competition took part by more than 500 people. Spring is coming to us very slow, but there are very good conditions for skiing in Kirovsk.