Pasvik Nature reserve

24 years ago it was founded Reserve Pasvik “Pasvik” State Nature Reserve was established July 16, 1992. Creating a nature reserve in the unfavorable ecological situation on the Pechenga area of the Murmansk region was the result of cooperation between the two countries in the area of unique beauty and importance of northern nature. Reserve […]

The steam locomotive

#visitmurmansk #murmansk #steamlocomotive #locomotive #murmansk_region Restored after the anniversary of the city of Murmansk and the railway locomotive monument. The steam locomotive L-4386 was built in 1951 on Voroshilovgrad plant designed by the famous engineer of lokomotiv building Lev Lebedyansky and shuttled between the stations ” Louhi – Kandalaksha ” in the post-war years , ” Kandalaksha […]

Climate of Murmansk

The city is located in the Atlantic-Arctic zone of temperate climate. The climate of Murmansk is formed by proximity of the Barents Sea, which enhances the influence of the warm North Atlantic Current. This factor contributes to the strong difference in Murmansk climate from other towns located above the Arctic Circle.   Средняя температура января — […]