Visitmurmansk at the exhibition Leisure 2018

Murmansk region at the Exhibition Leisure 2018 in Moscow. Our company represents by Oleg Terebenin. There was a presentation of Murmansk yesterday,  was shown the possibilities of our region. Welcome to the exhibiotion we will be glad to meet you!  

An exhibition “Dolls and Japanese Holidays”

Local History Museum opens an exhibition “Dolls and Japanese Holidays” September 7 at 15.00 in the Murmansk regional museum of local lore (Lenin Avenue, 90) opens an exhibition “Dolls and Japanese holidays”. The exhibition is organized by the Embassy of Japan in Russia. The exhibition reveals bright pages from the life of the Japanese – […]

“Gulf Stream” -2018 in Murmansk

Spectators of a sports festival in 2018 will be able to win a flight by helicopter Mi-2 over Murmansk. In Murmansk, everything is ready for the third festival “Gulf Stream” -2018, which will be held this Saturday, September 8. Traditional holiday sports in 2018 are waiting for small changes, perhaps most importantly – the opening. […]

Excursion around the capital of the Arctic

Sometimes locals know about their hometown much less than curious tourists. And when one of the distant cities and countries comes to visit, you start to worry. What is there to tell, then what to share? Zhanna Monakhova: “I was surprised that we have so many monuments that in everyday life are poorly lit, but […]

Meteor Rain

Meteor Rain

Residents of Russia will be able to see the meteor shower Residents of Russia on the night of August 13 will be able to see the Perseid meteor rain when a partial eclipse of the Sun takes place. A partial eclipse of the Sun with a maximum phase of 0.74 will be seen in the […]

Teriberka “New Life”

Already this week, July 21, Teriberka for the fourth time will turn into a place of attraction for musicians, urbanists, athletes, gourmets and just lovers of good outdoor recreation. Travel agency “” presents a unique opportunity to visit the annual Arctic festival “Teriberka. New Life “, which will allow you to fully experience the scale […]

Alley of Friendship. Kandalaksha, Murmansk region

This year the arrangement of the Friendship Alley will be continued, but already from the opposite side of the street 50 years of October, along the houses No. 3 and 5. As part of the planned activities, the sidewalks will be repaired, the external lining of the retaining wall with the metal frame structure is […]

Holiday “Wet Wars” for adults

According to the numerous requests of the city residents, on Sunday, July 15, the “Wet Wars” sports and entertainment festival will be held for all over 15 years in the Amusement Park on Kolsky Avenue, 101. We are waiting for everyone at 14:00. With you to have dry clothes to replace and the most reliable […]

Pullmantur Zenith in Murmansk

In Murmansk, one day the cruise liner Pullmantur Zenith entered. The liner was built in 1992 in Germany. Its length is 208 m, width is 29 m. It accommodates 1442 passengers and a team of 620 people.