Snow village will open on December 23

This year, Tourist Center “Snow Village” will open its doors for residents and guests of the Murmansk Region in the tenth, anniversary year. In honor of the upcoming event, “Snow Village” prepared a lot of pleasant gifts and surprises. Annually, at the end of December, at the foot of the Khibiny appears a unique snow […]

The Strategic Missile Nuclear Submarine Knyaz Vladimir

The Strategic Missile Nuclear Submarine Cruiser Knyaz Vladimir will be launched in November 2017 In the near future, at the Sevmash enterprise in Severodvinsk, another strategic nuclear missile submarine cruiser Knyaz Vladimir will be withdrawn from the boathouse. This event will be held in November. Until 2020, the Russian Navy should receive eight nuclear submarines […]

A stela of Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya will appear in Murmansk

The opening date is June 22, 2018. Memorial plaque in honor of Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya – the first woman awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union during the Great Patriotic War – will be installed on the street of the same name. The Murmansk sculptor Alexander Arsentiev worked on the creation of the memorable sign. […]

Free city tour!

In honor of the birthday of our beloved city, we conduct a free sightseeing tour around Murmansk???? It will held on October 8 at 13:00! During the tour, tourists will visit: ????the area “Five corners”; ????memorial complex “Mayak”, dedicated to sailors who died at sea in peacetime; ????a monument “Waiting women”, symbolizing endless encounters and […]

Thirty athletes are the first in the world to cross the Teriberka Bay

On August 13, the International Swimming Arctic Swimming Pool will be held in the village of Teriberka. 30 athletes from different cities and countries will gather to cross the Gulf of Teriber for the first time. Arctic Swim – the fourth and final stage of the series of annual International mass open water competitions X-WATERS. […]

Tour operator Visitmurmansk

Our company has a license for the selling tour activities in Russia, as well as the Visitmurmansk is included in the Unified Federal Register of Tour Operators in Russian Federation. Why it’s safe to work with a Visitmurmansk: Financial guarantee 500 000 rubles; Transport insurance; Travel insurance; Migration Registration of Foreign Citizens; Full support of tourists; […]

Murmansk was visited by tourists from Mongolia

Murmansk was visited by tourists from Mongolia

In late February the 28-th we were visited by tourists from Mongolia. We were pleasantly surprised by this visit! We, with our friends went on a journey, the hunt for the Northern Lights.. Despite the vagaries of nature, we find a good place and decided to make a halt. A few minutes later there was […]

The results of the month

This month, our tourists acquainted with the life of Saami, fed the deer, riding a husky, toke photos with the indigenous people-the Sami.       Just saw the Northern Lights for more than 15 days in a row.       Drive more than 1,000 km. on snowmobiles!

“Flower meadow” has appeared in the center of Murmansk

Colorful flower fields were created in the center of Murmansk on the square “Five Corners”. It will be whole composition “The seasons.”. Massive pedestals, which have large colorful flowers with large petals and green leaves have settled on both sides of the “Arctica” business center. This composition will represent the seasons: summer, spring, winter and […]