Guests from Thailand

December 2. Very fun trip with 4 smiling tourists. First of all we go to the  Sami village, then travel to Husky Park “Lesnaya Elan”, after that in the evening,  group go to hunting aurora. It was successfully!  

Another satisfied group of tourists from Thailand

Last week, the weather on the Kola Peninsula decided to play with us a cruel joke. The temperature jump between + 3–3 degrees Celsius, was rain, snow, sleet, fog stretched, but we’ve still got to have a good time and leave with our visitors only positive impressions! At night we visited the brightest area Murmanska- […]

Murmansk region entered the top three winners of the category “Russian Ecological recreation” of National Geographic Traveler Awards 2016 competition

Murmansk region took the 3rd place in the category “Russian Ecological holidays” competition National Geographic Traveler Awards 2016 winner losing only 4%, and ahead of such well-known tourist attraction centers as the Altai and Karelia. The places between the leaders were as follows: Vologda region (20%), the Republic of Crimea (18%), Murmansk region (16%). 15 […]

The region of the northern beauties

From 29 October to 3 November we had a very interesting and informative guided tour for visitors from Taiwan. Tourists have decided to leave their warm sunny island to conquer the beauty of our northern Murmansk region. And they succeeded! Excursions left the most positive impression and probably will long remain in the memory of […]

Unforgateble trip

25.11.2016 we met our Thai friends from the airport and decided to go for the Aurora hunt! We was so lucky to saw it this day. The following point was the biggest nuclear-powered icebreaker “Lenin”. The next point of their trip was Sami village and haski farm when they meet with raindeers and siberian haski; saw […]

Trip to Lovozero 19.10. Photo report

19.10.2016, we, with our friends from Thailand went on an exciting adventure to Lovozero, where they visited the Sami village and Husky Park. In the village foreigners visited the alley of the sacred idols, met with deer, foxes, tasted the national cuisine of the Saami, photographed in their national costumes. In the Husky Park  guys acquainted […]

Hunting season for aurora is open

Tonight we were lucky to open the hunting season for Northern Lights with our friends from Malaysia. Unfortunately, our optics out of order and we were not able to make high-quality photos. Hurry to see the northern lights with us!

Museum “MCSP”

More recently it passed the opening of the Museum of Public company “Murmansk Commercial Sea Port”. In the history of the Kola Polar Murmansk sea trading port has a special place. With the construction of the port began Murmansk. Creation Museum of the History of the Murmansk Commercial Seaport was timed to the 100th anniversary, […]

Incredible lights in the sky

Kola peninsula is the greatest place to see northern lights. Our company VisitMurmansk gives you an unique opportunity to see this fabulous phenomen. Start your acquaintance with the Kola Peninsula and, of course, the northern lights with one of our tours, for example:   The program Murmansk Kola 4N 5D  To see the Northern Lights […]