Tourists from the USA

26.09.2016, our team conducted a tour of the Murmansk tourist from California, during which they visited the Naval Museum of the Northern Fleet, the icebreaker “Lenin”, got a lot of unforgettable impressions, positive charge and, of course, received souvenirs from our company !!!  

In Murmansk, opened the renovated park “Conquerors of the Arctic”

Outside Chelyuskintsev at the memorial “To the Conquerors of the Arctic” was opened after reconstruction Square updated. This is the 25-th sitting area, renovated and remediation of the 100th anniversary of Murmansk. The central decoration of the park was the stele on which is placed a small copy of the bas-relief “Conquerors of the Arctic.” […]

Ivan-tea “tea of North”

It grows throughout the northern hemisphere, including Murmansk. Ivan tea (Epilobium, Koporye tea) – the drink is very pleasant to the taste and color, has a powerful healing effect! More in Russia to use the infusion of Ivan-tea as a beverage and medicine for various ailments. This homely-looking grass on therapeutic impact and health-improving properties, […]

Чемпионат Мира по футболу в “Чердаке”

Хэй, болельщики!⚽ Скорей бронируем места на финал #Евро2016, который пройдет 10 июля в 21:50! Как говорится – “Кто успел, тот и сел”. На «Чердаке» есть огромный экран и холодное пиво???? Бронирование столов по телефону: 70-70-42.  

Привет, мир!

Привет, мир!

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The Great Buddha – Daibustu

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