Development of industrial tourism in Murmansk region!

Tour in Kirovsk in the mountains Khibiny mining Apatit rocks.
Industrial tourism of the Murmansk region is developing!

Thanks to the Apatit Combine of FOSAGRO – for inviting me and my colleagues to inspect a surprisingly interesting place.

We hope many tourists will be able to come and see the wonderful tourist product inside the Khibiny Mountains.

Here where we were that saw:

• Hit machine BELAZ where do fertilizer (phosphate fertilizer) from Apatit rocks. The cost of such car is $2-9 million.
Very big car.

• Tour in factory ANOF—3 where they make fertilizer (phosphate fertilizer) for soil from Apatit rocks.

• Snowmobile tour in Apatity on Imandra lake.

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on Feb 15, 2019

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