Coloured Stones Museum. Dawa

г. Мончегорск, пр. Металлургов, д. 46
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Samples of color of stone Kola Peninsula and other regions of the country.

Samples of color of stone Kola Peninsula and other regions of the country.


MUSEUM colored stone them. VN Dawa, located in Monchegorsk. Created in 1971 on the initiative of the geologist V. Initially Dawa – departmental museum Monchegorsk laboratory building stone CF USSR Academy of Sciences (now the KSC RAS). The first director – VN Dove, the first employee – AD Serebritsky. As Monchegorsk department of colored stone Murmansk regional museum opened 22.02.1983. Since January 2000 – Municipal Cultural Institution. In May 2000, it was named after VN Dawa. The exhibition shows only a colored stone and articles thereof. The exposition is built according to the classification EA Kievlenko who shared raw gems into 3 groups: jewelry stones, gemstones, semi-precious. At the heart of M. p. 2 to the collection passed to CF USSR Academy of Sciences:. collection of gems of the Kola Peninsula and the Soviet Union. In early 2001 the museum was transferred to the permanent storage of collection of minerals Leningrad professor, doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences II Chupilina (acquired on monchegortsev funds in the early 1970s.). In 2004, work was carried out to create a new exhibition “Classic collection”: about 2,000 specimens of minerals, not only of the Kola region and Russia, but also other states:. Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Korea, USA, China, etc. M. u.. k. is a large exhibition work, scientific and educational activities. On the basis of the museum running club young geologists and the lovers rock club. Since 2007 – in the new building: in expositions and funds are more than 3000 exhibits. Director – TI Sienkiewicz.



Murmansk region does not apply to the regions, especially rich in precious stones. Nevertheless, in the depths of the Kola Peninsula is concentrated a lot of minerals and rocks of high value as an ornamental and collection materials. Some of them (almandine, amethyst, beryl, beryl) belong to the class of jewels (but do not go in the facet, and are used for the manufacture of inserts in jewelry), other (amazonite, feldspars, variety of garnet, eudialyte, fluorite, rose quartz colored tourmaline crystals) – to gemstones and ornamental. VN Having counted on the Kola Peninsula, about 50 types of stones that can be used as an ornamental and decorative.
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