Kola Bay

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Kola Bay – narrow Fjord Barents Sea to Murmansk coast of the Kola Peninsula.


Length – 57 km, width – up to 7 km, the depth at the entrance – 200-300 meters. The largest islands: Catherine, Deer, sheer Average deer, small deer. Kola Bay, according to the characteristics of the geomorphological structure, divided into three parts (knee): northern, central and southern. The first knee stretches from the mouth to the island Shurupova lips Middle, second leg – from the mouth of Middle to capes Mishukova and lumpfish (near Cape Great is the narrowest place of the lips), the third knee goes south for 9 miles and has a width of 400 to 800 yards (the narrowest place in the knee – in Abram-Buttermilk). West Bank – rocky steep, east is relatively flat. In Kut Bay fall Tuloma major rivers and Cola. Semidiurnal tides of up to 4 meters. On the eastern shore of the bay ice-free ports of Murmansk and Severomorsk, on the west – Polar port. In 2005, the road bridge was opened across the bay.





Map of Kola Bay