Marine Orthodox church Spas-na-vodah

г. Мурманск, ул. Героев-Североморцев, 1
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Church of the Spas-na-Vodah (Church of the Holy Face) – Orthodox church in Murmansk. It refers to the deanery Murmansk and Monchegorsk diocese. The name of the church received from the icon of Christ walking on water. Included in the memory of the memorial to sailors who died in peacetime. The service runs from sign language – for deaf parishioners.

Marine Orthodox church Spas-na-Vodah was built on the donations of the inhabitants of Murmansk in 2002. Architectural Landmark Murmansk is located on a hill, offering a review of the entire city. The temple belongs to the deanery Murmansk Murmansk and Monchegorsk diocese and is included in the memorial complex, created in memory of those killed in peacetime sailors.


Sea orthodox temple is made in the ancient style. Odnoapsidny church with an attached bell tower is named in honor of the Icon of the Savior, walking on water.

In the temple of the Spas-na-Vodah are icons of Christ walking on the waters of the northern saints, miracle-workers and helpers of seafarers – Venerable Trifon Pechenga and Varlaam Keret, Mother of God, the Apostle of the Slavs Andrew and righteous Admiral Feodor Ushakov.


Address: Murmansk, Geroev-Severomortsev str., 1
Теl.: +7 (8152)


Map of Marine Orthodox church Spas-na-vodah