Monument 6th heroic Komsomol battery

г. Мурманск, пр. Ленина
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Until then the Green Cape in 1974, did not open the memorial “To Defenders of Soviet Arctic during the Great Patriotic War” ( “Alyosha”), it is a monument to soldiers of the 6th battery Heroic Komsomol was the main war memorial of the city.

This is where the fire was burning Eternal Memory. Its history is the lighting is – during the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the Victory in May 1965 in Murmansk was attended by veterans of the front-line and on-site, where in September 1941 death were soldiers of the 6th Battery 143rd Artillery Regiment, veterans and young murmanchane lit a symbolic bonfire. A particle of the flame on the armored vehicle was taken to the monument, and he lit the eternal flame. The burning it in a bowl mounted on a thin high ground next to the monument to the Heroes of artillery for almost two decades, day and night. There were ceremonies associated with honors saluting the defenders of the Arctic. But in May 1975, after the discovery of the memorial on the Green cape, as I mentioned, the eternal flame was moved to the foot of Murmansk “Alyosha.”
As for the monument to the soldiers of the 6th Heroic Komsomol battery, open November 6, 1959, by the architect’s plan DK Vodolazhskaya it is quite simple – laid out on a high pedestal of gray-green tiles and “ragged” northern rock, which is cool staircase, installed 76-mm divisional gun ZIS-March 1942 year sample. On the pedestal also has a bronze wreath and a memorial plaque with a brief description feat artillerymen 6th batteries, which in September 1941 for a week, with no flanks or rear, reflect enemy onslaught. Besides their supporting infantry was transferred to another area, where evolved even more threatening situation. Gunners were alone, but continued to fire at the enemy. Failure of the guns, the soldiers were killed. September 14 survivors were surrounded and took his last fight. Later, we came to the rescue of the Germans threw the river Zapadnaya Litsa. The dead soldiers (then considered that killed 37 people) and their commander Gregory Lysenko was buried with full military honors in a mass grave right on the battlefield. Karelian Front Command has assigned unit honorary title – “Heroic 6th Komsomol Battery.” Later she became guards, participated in the liberation of Norway and Poland. Unfortunately, the burial place of the gunners on their last battle was desecrated by vandals, but thanks to the efforts of searchers preserved remains of soldiers were reburied at the foot of the monument in Murmansk in 1991. After three years here we have set in black marble slab, on which are engraved the names of all the fallen heroes. They turned out to be 71.

Address: Murmansk, Lenin Avenue.



Map of Monument 6th heroic Komsomol battery