Monument Anatoly Bredov

пр. Ленина, 88, Мурманск, Мурманская обл., 183038
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One of the first original of the city of Murmansk sculptures became a monument to Anatoly Bredov. The monument was erected on the money the city’s residents. Bredow Anatoly – Hero of the Soviet Union, commander of the machine-gun compartment 155th Infantry Regiment, belonging to the 14th Infantry Division of the Fourteenth Army of the Karelian front; occupied military post of sergeant. Bredow AF He born on July 14, 1923 in the city of Novgorod in the ordinary working class family. In Murmansk, he graduated from the seven-year school, and in 1938 went to work as an electrician in the shipyards of the city of Murmansk. In April 1942, Bredow called for military service in the Red Army.

Autumn of 1944, the 155th Regiment decided to go on the road Titovka-Petsamo and to storm one of the heights called Roadside. According to the calculation crazy, gun destroyed more than 80 Germans, what the Germans also responded shelling. As a result, the ranks of the Soviet soldiers was only gunner Nikita Ashurkov himself Anatoly Bredow, who began to throw grenades at the Germans. We are in a desperate situation, and Bredow Ashurkov hugged and blew themselves up and a gun last grenade. The remaining soldiers of the 155th Infantry Regiment as an act inspired his comrades that quickly took roadside height. It is worth noting that in this battle Ashurkov survived – he was picked up on the fifth day of the sanitary battalion soldiers. After making such a heroic feat Anatoly Bredov was posthumously awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

In 1956, there was an idea to immortalize the feat Bredow, which was the initiative of the Higher Nautical School cadets who offered youth of the city to collect funds for the erection of the monument. This caused widespread approval in Murmansk. For Subbotniks Sundays and youth collected waste paper and scrap metal, and then sent the proceeds in a dedicated fund for this purpose. Komsomol City Council decided to conclude an agreement on the establishment of the monument, in collaboration with pictorial and sculptural combine in the city of Leningrad. For execution of the order began under the guidance of a team of young talented sculptor Yastrebinetskogo GD

The opening ceremony of the monument took place on May 9, 1958. On the day of opening of the monument to the eight o’clock in the morning almost all the population of the city had gathered at the intersection of Lenin Avenue and the Trade Unions. During the ceremony, speakers proclaimed the fiery speeches and swore eternal loyalty to the country, an honor which gave his life Anatoliy Bredow. The most important speech of the ceremony was an appeal Fyodor Mikhailovich – the father of the deceased hero, who himself was a front-line soldier. During his speech, he could not hide his excitement when carried a story about the life of his son. The first bunch of flowers, which was laid at the monument became a bouquet Stefanida Grigorevny – mother Anatoly Bredow.

The sculpture is three meters and depicts a brave soldier in the time of greatest stress his physical and moral strength. His right hand raised high and tight squeezes grenade, and on the face of the hero expresses deep spiritual strength and readiness in any situation, go to the end, fulfilling their duty to the Motherland. FIG developing cloak-tent, which underlines the determination of movements and wearing a tunic hugs strong body, showing all muscles at the time of the last throw that forever immortalized Anatoly Bredow in the ranks of the immortals. The warrior stands on a block of granite, which in its soulless alone contrasts with the figure of a soldier, full of determination.

The memory of the glorious hero delusional alive. Still to it bear flowers the couple are suitable parents with children, and for each set of military holiday wreaths of red carnations and carpet the pedestal. In 2003, Anatoly Bredov would have turned 80 years old, but he will forever remain young, so what created his talented hands of the sculptor.

Address: Lenina 88, Murmansk, Murmansk region, 183038.


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