Monument cat Semyon

Парковый комплекс на Семеновском озере
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According to tradition need to sit down on a bench and whisper a wish to a cat’s ear – and it is sure to be fulfilled.

Back in the late 80’s lost cat Simon, being together with their masters in Moscow. devoted cat Six years later, back home, overcoming 2000 km. Feat Semen was devoted to an article in the “Journal of Murmansk” and short film “Love Story.”

The idea to perpetuate the cat-traveler in bronze came up with the journalist Dmitry Kachalov. Last summer, he proposed to establish a small monument in the city like “Siskin-fawn” in St. Petersburg. Among the bidders were Cthulhu, boy, liznuvshy swing and even cod liver oil. But the results of the voting citizens won the cat Simon. The layout of the monument also chose Murmansk. The sculpture was cast on the layout of the author Moscow in the Chelyabinsk region, and October 2 took his place in Semenov lake.

Opening of the monument was one of the first events dedicated to the 97th anniversary of the city. The ceremony was attended by Alexey Veller and Andrey Sysoev. Noon with the sculpture was sdёrnuto canvas, and before the eyes of those present appeared well-fed cat with a knapsack on his back, lonely sitting on the bench. Immediately start the tradition has been given, according to which you want to sit down on a bench and whisper a wish to a cat’s ear – and it is sure to be fulfilled. Those present citizens, both children and adults will gladly took the opportunity to “talk” with a cat among the first “visitor” were head of the city. Well, and then students swarmed cat-traveler with all parties vying with each other whispering something in his ear and stroked the bronze “fur”. According to the opening of the guests, a monument was interesting, but it was too well fed for the past thousands of kilometers of its prototype. Now every murmanchanin can come for a visit to the Bronze Simon, sit on the bench and make a wish. This weekend at the “seeds” will be a celebration of the city, so the cat alone certainly not be bored.


Adress: Park in Semenovsk lake


Map of Monument cat Semyon