Monument “Zhduschaia”

Мурманск, ул. Чумбарова-Лучинского, конечная остановка автобуса №18.
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The seaside town firmly learned to wait,
He is patient and trusting.
He believes: rise statues waiting
Meet the flights of the ships!

Zhduschaia/Waiting – a monument of a woman waiting for her sailor. Opened in 2012 in the city of Murmansk. Authors – Smolensk sculptors  Chumakov and  Anushko.

History of the monument began in the mid-1970s: while Murmansk poet Viktor Timofeev, former co-driver “Murmanseldi” was written the poem “Sentimental Watch”, gave the name of the future monument.

In 1984, the poet asked the city council to Murmansk Vladimir Goryachkina with the idea of the monument dedicated to all women who are expected to return from the seas of their loved ones. Offer interested in city management, and in 1986 a competition was held monument sketches. It represented a lot of work, but to implement the project at the time was unable to because of the severe economic situation.

In 1990 again it was a competition of the monument sketches, and even the winner was determined in 1998. However, the difficult economic situation in the country once again did not allow to realize the idea.

In summer 2011, honorary citizens of the city Boris Weller and Nikolay Gutskalov supported by the “Union of Fishermen of the North”, once again raised the issue of the installation of the monument. City Administration once again supported the initiative group, the organizing committee has been created. We considered different site of the monument: platform at the marine station, the church of the Savior on Waters, Fishing College, crossing streets Vorovskogo iKapitana Burkova, crossing streets and Komsomolskaya Schmidt. As a result, it was decided to erect a monument on the street Chumbarova-Lucinschi near the terminus of bus route number 18. The main reasons for choosing this place are: the ability to see the monument to the Kola Bay, good transport accessibility, the ability to equip the park and a nice observation deck with panoramic views of the bay . The place was suggested the head of town planning and spatial development committee of administration of Murmansk Svetlana Pionkovskoy.


In summer 2011, as the organizing committee was announced to raise funds for the project. In autumn 2011, the organizing committee announced a creative contest. Pre organizing committee chose three works: the girl in a raincoat, a girl with a lantern and a woman with children. And the organizing committee of the decision, and on a national discussion of the projects has been declared the winner of the job Smolensk sculptors Anushko Yuri and Igor Chumakov.

At the monument to 232 enterprises and institutions, as well as more than 600 individuals have been collected more than 3.3 million rubles. The money went to pay for work on the design of the monument, manufacture and installation of the monument, construction of its basement and podium. In the landscaping near the monument to the mayor’s office has been allocated over 11 million rubles. Fabrication and installation of the monument was carried out by “Stone-Trade”, a foundation unit, podium and the formation of the territory of the company “Hydraulics”. It was also equipped with night lighting of the monument.

November 10, 2012, the opening of the monument. Opened monument to his inspirer – Murmansk poet Viktor Timofeev, Murmansk Governor Marina Kovtun, the head of the Murmansk – Alex Weller and head of the administration of Murmansk – Andrey Sysoev. Right sdёrnut covered with a monument to the poet was granted Timofeev. On the stove, near the monument engraved with the words:
Sculpture weighing almost 600 kg and 3 m in height was made of bronze in Smolensk, and weighing 18 tons pedestal is made of granite, and was produced in Kuzrechenskom career. The total height of the monument about 6 meters. The sculpture of a girl with a scarf looks in the direction of the Kola Bay, meeting and seeing off the court, posetivshieMurmansky port. Next to the sculpture of the girl on a pedestal is a bollard, on which sits a seagull. On the granite pedestal in the middle engraved “who knows how to wait …” and at the bottom of the bas-relief made of sea waves.
Address: Murmansk, ul. Chumbarova-Lucinschi, the final stop of the bus №18.