Murmansk Regional Art Museum

ул. Коминтерна, 13, Мурманск, Мурманская обл., 183038
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To date, the museum is the only art museum in the Arctic Circle.

History museum

December 19, 1989 the first specialized exhibition hall opened in Murmansk. This event was dedicated to the VII Regional Exhibition “Soviet North”. January 17, 1990 the exhibition hall was transformed into Murmansk Regional Museum of Art, and then were transferred to its collections paintings, drawings, sculpture, decorative and applied arts of Murmansk Local history muzeya.Seychas collection of the Art Museum has more than seven million general fund items . Presents the paintings of XVIII, XIX and XX centuries, a collection of graphics, including graphic arts well represented by Leningrad artists. Significant place in the congregation took a collection of works of Murmansk artists. In the arts and crafts are presented samples of arts and crafts Rossii.V museum is a permanent exhibition “The domestic art of XVIII-XX centuries.”. Every year, the museum organizes a large number of different exhibitions. Good partnerships Murmansk Art Museum allow large exhibition projects with federal and regional museums: the State Russian Museum, the State Tretyakov Gallery, the Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Karelia, Tver Art galleries and other museums of our country, museums Scandinavian stran.Muzey engaged in scientific and methodical activities , actively carries out scientific-educational and museum-pedagogical work. The art museum since 2004 running a multimedia theater with a wide range of educational programs and films on art-based Virtual branch of the Russian Museum.



Permanent exhibition of the Art Museum “. The domestic art of XVIII-XX centuries” consists of several sections: the first one is dedicated to Russian art of XVIII-XIX centuries. The collection of paintings of this period in the museum’s small collection of most of the works placed on display. Of particular interest is the work Harlampy Konstand, Ilya Zankovsky, Mikhail Klodt, Johan Köhler.

In the section devoted to Russian art of the twentieth century, presents paintings, graphic works, sculptures and works of decorative art. Visitors to the exhibition can see works by artists such as Boris Johanson, Dimitri Mochalsky, Evsey Moiseenko, Sulo Juntunen, Mikhail Konchalovsky and many drugih.Kollektsiya graphics in the museum collection is the most numerous. The permanent exhibition presents the works of Moscow, Leningrad and Murmansk schedules. Visitors can get acquainted with the works of Vladimir Tabor, Ivan Pavlov, George Verey, Alexei Pakhomov and a number of well-known graphic artists. Also of interest are the graphic works of Murmansk artists: Mikhail Kirin, Tatiana Kovaleva, Yuri Pankov, Vladimir Chernov.

Museum owns a small collection of sculptures. The exhibition features works by famous artists-sculptors of the twentieth century: Sergei Konenkov, Michael Thakumasheva, Hope necks, Ilya Slonim.
Kola North has always had a special appeal to creative people. Even in the nineteenth century came here many Russian artists. A large group of artists came to the North in the 1930s.
Scenic section on Murmansk artists, begins with the oldest works of artists in the area. The exhibition features paintings by Vasily Baranov – the first chairman of the Murmansk branch of the Union of Artists of Russia, Nikolai Morozov, Huttunen Arvi. Interesting work by Nikita Dukhno Vladimir Kumashov, Alexander Feofilaktova, Anatoly Sergienko, Nikolai Kovalev, Nikolai Zavertaylo. Invariably cause interest of visitors picture Syuhina Boris, Vladimir Skokleneva, Sergei Chebotarev, Michael Lapin, Bubentsova Vitali, Vladimir Kuzina.I outside Murmansk region known master of arts and crafts – Chernomor Tatiana and Eugene Baranov. Lyricism, originality of composition and color solutions different tapestries and paintings by Victoria Zubitskiy tissue. For many years the chief artist of the theater of the Northern Fleet operates Raisa Chebaturina. Her costumes and scenery for the performances are always different kind of artistic resheniem.Razdel devoted to the work of Murmansk artists, it gives an idea of the current state of development of fine arts in the Kola Peninsula.
Rounding out the exposure of the Murmansk regional art museum of decorative and applied arts. Visitors can get acquainted with the main northern crafts: painting on wood, clay toys manufacturer, bone carving, lace, woven from bark, wood carving. Of particular interest are the Pomeranian Roe – figurines of dough, from ancient times to bake at the White Ter morya.Postoyannaya exposition Art Museum gives insight into the development of Russian art from the XVIII century to the present day.




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