Murmansk State Regional Universal Scientific Library

ул. Софьи Перовской, 21А, Мурманск, Мурманская обл., 183038
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Murmansk Regional Universal Scientific Library was founded November 28, 1938 in connection with the registration of the Murmansk region as an independent administrative-territorial unit. Murmansk Regional Universal Scientific Library – the largest regional information and cultural center of the Kola Peninsula, providing public access to national and global information resources.

Throughout the years of operation, the library has made and is making a significant contribution to the development of the Murmansk region, its economy, science, education, culture and art.

It is the largest library in the region and the largest repository of literature on the Kola region.

The library is a public (which means free). The total number of readers – more than 50.5 thousand. Every day the library is visited by about 1,000 people.

The basis of the information resources of the library are its foundations, which are regularly replenished. Funds are universal library. Today, the library funds – more than 2.7 million items, including more than 700 titles of periodicals, technical literature, and more.

The library serves readers with specialized departments of the system, reading rooms and data centers. In 1997, the library became the winner of the contest in the nomination among the “Library of the year” provincial cultural institutions of the Russian Federation for the prize of the newspaper “Culture”, “Window to Russia”.
Monument Slavic educators Cyril and Methodius
May 22, 1990 in the square in front of the Murmansk State Regional Universal Scientific Library in Murmansk was a solemn and colorful opening of the monument to the Slav educators Cyril and Methodius Bulgarian sculptor Vladimir Ginovski.
Department of local history and Sami literature

Books Murmansk local historian I. Ushakov
Local history collection – the most valuable and unique part of the library fund. This is more than 31 thousand copies of books, magazines, newspapers and other materials relating to the history of the Kola Peninsula and published on the territory of the region. The main function of the library as a regional center – the collection of information about the region, including in the Sami language.

A collection of rare books of the department is unique. It includes more than 284 rare books of local history: the colonization of materials on the Murmansk coast, travel notes and materials expeditions on the edge, scientific and commercial research and statistical Murman, documents on natural resources, the population, the development of fisheries and transport routes on the Kola Peninsula. Many of the books written by researchers of the Kola Peninsula, such as Knipovich Maksimov, Nemirovich-Danchenko. The earliest edition – “Description Cola and Astrakhan” Nicholas Ozeretskovsky (1804) – the first printed material on the Kola earth.

Local history books are popular among historians, ethnographers, writers, journalists, teachers and students. The reference and bibliographic apparatus card includes a summary of local lore systematic catalog “Murmansk”, electronic directory of local lore “Murmansk”, electronic directory of local lore “Sami bibliography” that help users find information on all branches of knowledge.

Each year bibliographers prepare and publish local history about 20 bibliographical aids. Among them, bio-bibliography “Scientists earth Kola”, “Researchers of the Kola Peninsula”, “local lore land Kola”, “Writers land Kola”, a calendar of dates and events, “From the history of Murman” yearbooks “Murmansk book” and “Kola Peninsula” and a lot others.

Employees of the department will organize a meeting of readers with local writers, poets, and historians.

The fund of rare books
The library boasts a collection of rare books, which has editions XVII, XVIII, XIX and early XX century. Among them the book of Pushkin, Tolstoy, Nekrasov, Turgenev, published during his lifetime, about one thousand books in foreign languages. The most rare book fund “Decrees of the Emperor Peter the Great Autocrat Vserossiyskago”, published in St. Petersburg in 1739. There are publications issued by prominent publishers of the XIX century: MO Wolf, AF Marx, AF Devrienom, Sytin, AF Smirdin. Preserved priceless number of unique literary and artistic journal “Notes of the Fatherland”.

Management Information Services
information services management includes the following sectors: electronic resources sector, information service sector, interlibrary loan sector and the electronic delivery of documents, information and bibliographic sector. Information Services Management proposes to use all the variety of resources and services based on modern information technologies. Here, libraries, readers can work independently on the Internet, with the legal database, the world’s largest resources of consortia, publishing and information services; electronic libraries for science and education.

The Central Information Service are alphabetical and systematic catalogs, catalog of periodicals.
Information-bibliographic sector
The department has a large fund, which consists of dictionaries, encyclopedias, bibliographical indexes, and so on. D. The attendants bibliographers help readers find the information they need, explain how to use the electronic catalog. The electronic catalog includes publications since 1992.

Sector of Interlibrary Loan and Electronic Document Delivery connects Murmansk State Regional Universal Scientific Library with other libraries in the region, as well as with major libraries in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Any reader can order the necessary publication of other libraries.

The library staff spend searching for information using a variety of bibliographic and full-text databases, Russian and foreign Internet resources; selection of materials is carried out at the request of users; advice on various aspects of working with electronic information.

Reference service “Virtual bibliographer” library promptly executes requests from users in a network mode, regardless of their location.

Electronic resources are diverse library.

Reference and legal system: Database Special Communications Service of Russia, “Garant”, “Consultant”, “Code”. Regulatory documents of federal and regional level, as well as comments. Litigation and Arbitration practice. International legislation. Forms of documents. Reference Information. Electronic versions of dictionaries, books, magazines, newspapers, economic and legal subjects.

Legislation of the Russian Empire and the USSR. Thematic framework for accounting, health, fisheries, business, military affairs, and others. Readers get free access to reference and legal systems.

Electronic database of regulatory and technical information: “The rules, regulations, standards of Russia”, “Stroiekspert”, “Stroytehnolog”, “Stroiresurs”, “Expert: Buildings”, “Expert: Energy.” For builders, designers, workers of the fuel and energy sector, municipal services, specialists in other fields of activity.

“Patents of Russia” Descriptions of Russian patented inventions (inventors’ certificates) since 1984, including drawings, tables, graphs, bibliography and abstract.

“Digital library of theses” of the Russian State Library. The full texts of dissertations for master’s and doctoral degrees, protected in 1998-2008.

Electronic archive of Russian-speaking company documents “Integrum”.
Sector of Electronic Resources
The largest network of Russian archive documents. Presents full-text versions of central and regional mass media (in Vol. H. Of the Murmansk region).

East View company Universal Database:

“Publications on social sciences and humanities” The full-text database of leading Russian publications in the humanities. Magazine “Questions of Literature”. The full electronic version contains the texts of articles from the first issue in 1957.

Magazine “Questions of history.” Along with the current release of the database contains logs precursor “Questions of History” – “Marxist historian” (1926-1941), “Class Struggle” (1931-1936), “Historical Journal” (1937-1945).

“Statistical Publications of Russia” Publications Russian Federal Service of State Statistics and the Interstate Statistical Committee of the CIS countries: periodicals, statistical yearbooks, statistical compendiums and bulletins, monthly analytical reports, as well as the materials the National Population Census. “Librarianship and Information Services”

The most important professional periodicals in Russian, devoted to the theory and practice of librarianship.

Russian University Information System (MIS “Russia”). The database of electronic resources in the field of economics research and education, sociology, political science, international relations. Integrated full-text collection of university publications, Russian and international centers, database of statistical information.

Information and encyclopedic company “Russportal” project – “Rubrikon”. Full versions of the major encyclopedias and dictionaries published over the last 100 years in Russia.

Scientific Electronic Library Bibliographic and full-text database of scientific periodicals in all fields of fundamental science. Electronic versions of the journals reputable world publishers and publications Russian universities, research and information centers.

The Murmansk Regional Universal Scientific Library, has recently been presented to the public the exhibition “When computers were large …”

In 2008, the Murmansk State Regional Universal Scientific Library became the winner of the regional competition “Best goods and services of the Murmansk region in 2008”. The library is at the contest information services of the Center of public access to government information. Information Services Regional Scientific Library named the best in quality in the Murmansk region.

Center of public access to the information resources of public authorities was opened in February 2008 in the framework of the regional target program “Administrative Reform in the Murmansk region for 2006-2008”, approved by Decree of the Government of the Murmansk region of 09.10.06 number 383-PP.
Center of public access to the information resources of public authorities
For the first time in a Russian library project has been included in such a serious regional program. This is the first center of public access to public information on the basis of the library, such centers were opened only at town halls in Moscow and Yakutsk. In the center of the library, everyone will have access to state and socially significant information. First of all there will be able to help citizens whose ability to use electronic information limited – pensioners, the unemployed, students and other socially vulnerable categories.




Address: Str. Sophia Perovskoy 21A, Murmansk, Murmansk region., 183038

Map of Murmansk State Regional Universal Scientific Library