г. Мурманск пр. Героев-Североморцев д.4
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Murmansk oceanarium, the most northerly aquarium in Europe, in which they live and act arctic seals.
The most famous artist of the Murmansk oceanarium Seals Phil, is the oldest in gray seal in the circus world. He turned 28y.o.. Most mustachioed actor – bearded Dick, the only bearded trained in Russia, able to play a musical instrument.



The history of the Murmansk oceanarium began in 1984, when the Murmansk Marine Biological Institute RAS p. Long Zelentsy laboratory for the study of marine mammals has been organized. In addition to fundamental scientific tasks carried out laboratory applications search for solutions for the use of seals of the Arctic as a human assistant in the sea. The findings of the research results have surpassed all expectations of scientists: some elements of study Arctic seals made possible for the organization to use water-circus.



In 1992 (12 July) on the Semenov lake complex for the open-air water-circus was opened. open-air complex is able to work only until freeze-up from 15 May to 15 October. In winter, the seals, the artists moved to the lip deer, which was equipped with a special base for them.

In 1995 on the Lake dome Semenovskoe construction of the oceanarium was started.



In 1996 (4 October) to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Hero City of Murmansk Oceanarium welcomed its first visitors.

In 2007 OJSC “Murmansk Oceanarium” was reorganized into OOO “Arktikservis – Murmansk Oceanarium”. The reorganization did not result in a change of the principal activity – conducting informative, entertaining ideas for inhabitants of Murmansk and the Murmansk region.

Today, as before, we remain the only one in Europe to study Arctic seals aquarium complex is a multi-platform social services to various socially vulnerable categories of citizens of Murmansk and the Murmansk region.



Aquarium of the Pacific is now an educational center, enabling pupils and students to learn about the maritime world Arctic gain knowledge about marine mammals.

As part of the educational component of its activities Oceanarium provides throughout the year conducting educational tours and lessons with demonstration videos and the opportunity to observe the animals for minors 4-18 years. “- The inhabitants of the Arctic Marine Mammals” educational program for students in grades 1-11 operates in the Oceanarium. Through participation in the development of educational materials qualified Murmansk State Pedagogical University created unique programs for different age groups of students in secondary schools and pre-school, programs for children with disabilities, training courses for students.

On the basis of the aquarium on a constant basis the club “shorthead” dealing with issues of training students to participate in scientific conferences, seminars biological orientation. Classes are held at the club, both individually and in a group. Effective annual subscription.


Address: Murmansk Prospect Geroev Severomortsev, 4.

Contact phone numbers:

(815-2) 43-26-71, 20-23-06 (cash) – open from Wednesday to Sunday from 10.30 to 18.00

20-10-12 (information, group bookings) – open from Monday to Friday from 9.30 to 17.00

20-23-06 (group bookings) – open daily from 10.30 to 18.00

E-mail: pharlap@yandex.ru

Website: http://okeanarium51.ru/


Map of Oceanarium