St. Nicholas Church in the village Kovda

Мурманская область,Кандалакшский район, Ковда
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The complex consists of the church, a small bell tower and a log fence. The only monument of this type in the Murmansk region. It refers to the type Kletskaya temples. It has a two-tier gable roof topped bulk head on a massive drum. Built on the site of St. Nicholas Church, erected here no later than the XV century. The height of the church – 14.3 meters, the building is formed from the altar, the church, the refectory and the porch. All, except the thick logs felled from the refectory, constructed of thin wood. Next to the church is a small bell tower of the beginning of the XVIII century.

Church of the XVIII century in the village Kovda in the south of the Murmansk region, a remarkable monument of wooden architecture.


It was closed in 1960, in 1991, transferred to the Office of Culture of the Murmansk region and is narestavratsii. In the mid-1990s has been restored bell tower, with the appearance of it was a little changed. In 2003 it began a new phase of the restoration of the church were fortified walls, under the base of the four brought the accountant’s crown. After a small pause, caused by insufficient funding, were restored ceiling of the church, the drum, the roof and the porch of the XIX century. In 2009, an attempt was made to continue the work on the church. There are doubts as to the correctness and validity conducted restoration work.
In 2004, the restorers under the church burial ground was discovered with a wooden deck which wrapped vberёstu bodies of children. could not figure out the exact cause of this burial. Assumptions about the ceremonial burial of the Old Believers, or some attempt to stop so that the raging epidemic. Most likely, the builders of the church did not know about this place is located at the burial.



In 2009, the regional TV Murmansk Region TV-21 was held a competition “7 Wonders on the edge of the world”, in which the results of the voting on the site TV 7 21 main attractions the region has been chosen. I entered and St. Nicholas Church’s seven winners.

Address: Murmansk region, Kandalaksha area Kovda


Map of St. Nicholas Church in the village Kovda