Holy Troitskaya Church

г. Полярные Зори, ул. Партизан Заполярья, д. 10
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In 2002, there was a temple in the city Polar Zori. The building is a two-story church is a combination of stone and wooden floors of the church with a belfry. In the church there are two churches, the lower part – the Church of the Mother of God Vsetsaritsa, the upper part – the Church of the Holy Trinity.


Temple work routine:

Tuesday – Sunday 10.00 – 14.00; 17.00 – 19.00

Sunday is a day off.

The temple was consecrated: the upper chapel – in honor of the Holy Trinity,
the lower chapel – in honor of the Mother of God “Vsetsaritsa”.

Subordinate areas: bp Nape.

Rector: Archpriest Basil Wolski.
Staff Deacon: Deacon Gleb Aveshnikov.

The services are held: Friday – 17:00, Saturday – 9:00, 17:00, Sunday – 9:00. On Thursday at 17:00 – the icon of Our Lady of prayer “Vsetsaritsa”.




Address: Polar Zori Street. Partizan Zapoliaria, d. 10

Map of Holy Troitskaya Church