The memorial complex “The sailors who died in peacetime” and the observation deck

Расположен в Ленинском районе на спуске между улицей Челюскинцев и проспектом Героев-Североморцев.
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The sailors who died in peacetime – a memorial complex in Murmansk.

The architects of the memorial are Shiryaev and N. Bogdanova.


Opened October 5, 2002. The opening was timed to the City Day (4 October).

The architectural dominant of the memorial complex is a hexagonal tower lighthouse height of 17.5 m. To the Lighthouse on both sides fit a wide marble staircase from the observation platform. On the top floor there is a temple of the Savior on Waters. On both sides of the ladder it is scheduled to pitch alley. Near the lighthouse ship set anchor capsule planted underneath it with sea water.


The lighthouse on the ground floor open storage room museum. 5 On the walls of the museum is a memorial plate in the memory of those who died at sea in peacetime sailors of different fleets. book memory of the dead sailors are in the museum.

June 15, 2009 near the lighthouse was installed felling “Kursk” nuclear submarine, which has become a monument to submariners who died in peacetime. Opening of the monument was timed to the Day of Navy fleet of Russia.

Location: Located in the Leninsky district on the slope between the street and avenue Chelyuskintsev and prospect Heroes Severomortsev.



Map of The memorial complex “The sailors who died in peacetime” and the observation deck