Trifonov-Pechenga Monastery

184410, Мурманская область, пос. Луостари, Трифонов Печенгский монастырь
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It is the world’s northernmost Orthodox monastery.


Svyaschennoarhimandrit Bishop Mitrofan (Badanin)

Steward: abbot David (Dubinin)

Established: 1533

Revival Date: 1997



Founded in 1533, repeatedly ruined and burned. After the last fire (2007), began the restoration of the monastery on the site of its original location in the village Luostari (in Finnish – monastery). The monastery is built entirely of wood, according to old Russian traditions.

Shrines: icon of St. Trifon Pechenga with a particle of his relics, a particle of the Holy Cross, a cross-reliquary in the Trinity Cathedral; Tombstone 116 martyrs in Pechenga Pechenga; Cross on the hill “salvation.”

Abbot of the monastery in 1997: Hegumen Philip (. Mayzer; 1997-1999), abbot of Aristarchus (. Lokhanov; 1999-2003), Abbot Daniel (. Topoev; 2003-2014 biennium), abbot David (Dubinin, 2014 g . Until now)

Inhabitants: the governor of the abbot David (Dubinin), Hieromonk Damian (St), hieromonk Gerasim (Ivanov), monk Onesimus (Shpenёv), a monk Dosifej and employees.



Schedule of services:

Monday Friday:
17:00 – Compline;
08:00 – Midnight
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday:
17:00 – Vigil or Vespers, Matins, 1:00;
08:00 – Midnight, 3:00, 6:00; confession
09:00 – Divine Liturgy
17:00 – Vigil
08:00 – Midnight, 3:00, 6:00; confession
09:00 – Divine Liturgy
Driving directions:
From the Railway Station – bus Murmansk-Nikel, Murmansk -Zapolyarny, turn to the village. Luostari, st. “31y kilometer”, then 1.5 km. on foot or by passing transport towards the village. Luostari
Car. Highway M-18 (E105) SP-B-state border up to 1531, followed by a turn to the left in the village. Luostari.
Address: 184410, Murmansk region, pos. Luostari Trifonov Pechenga Monastery


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Map of Trifonov-Pechenga Monastery