Waterfall on the river Lavna

г. Мурманск , Лавна 3
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Waterfall on the river Lavna very beautiful. In fine, sunny weather on the coast near the waterfall is going to a lot of people on vacation. You can go, escape from the city, listen to the sound of noisy water, barbecue. Good location in the Murmansk region for familiarizing with nature.

Река Лавна длиной 23,3 км, впадает в Кольский залив и берет свое начало из озера Лавно. Река порожистая, но встречаются глубокие места со спокойным течением.

River fish in her trout, brown trout, whitefish, pike and perch is sometimes found trapped in the river from Lake longwall. In the lake across trout, whitefish, burbot and perch.

Waterfall on the river Big Lavna is 30 km from the city of Murmansk, on the village of Abram-cape. You can get there by car or bicycle. The move should be on the road to Pechenga, traveling pointer “Lavna 3” otvorotka turn to the military unit, there is a bus stop in front of otvorotka. Having left on a dirt road, turn left and go down. For information: otvorotka located near high radio tower. After passing over the bridge, leave the car. Then walk along the river Lavna about 1 km, or about 15-20 minutes. Spring footpath in some areas flooded, so not to get your feet wet, you need to take care and wear appropriate footwear such as rubber boots.

Address: Murmansk, Lavna 3


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Map of Waterfall on the river Lavna