Waterfall on the river Pulonga

Мурманская область, Терский район, с. Пулоньга, р. Пулоньга
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Pulongsky waterfall is more remote from populated areas, so it is less well known but no less beautiful than Chapomsky or Chavangsky. Going up from the mouth of the river and the remains of an abandoned village, we consistently pass the rapids in a steep gorge and a number of relatively calm stretches and rapids before after about 12 km you will see a powerful stream of water bubbling, departing from the narrow rocky gate. Interestingly, upstream of 2.5-3 km during a relatively quiet, but then starts to speed up gradually, turning into rapids in the clamped vein rocks. The closer to Padun, the steeper the granite-gneiss rocks and the river already. The depth of the canyon is 10 meters or more. In flood or storm after the Doge’s head is so strong that the water bursting out of the gates of rock, flying horizontally a greater distance than the falls. After she calms down 100-150 m wide on Reach. Visual assessment of the height of the falls – about 12-15 m.


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Map of Waterfall on the river Pulonga