Excursion around the capital of the Arctic

Sometimes locals know about their hometown much less than curious tourists. And when one of the distant cities and countries comes to visit, you start to worry. What is there to tell, then what to share?

Zhanna Monakhova: “I was surprised that we have so many monuments that in everyday life are poorly lit, but in fact it is very interesting and informative, and opens the city in a completely different way, with different eyes.”

Tatyana Shatalova: “Because you never get to go to the places that everyone knows.”

From Kildinka to Shanghai, from traditional places to new monuments. On an open sightseeing tour around the city, it was the people of Murmansk who gathered not every day to forget about business and just walk around.

Oleg Terebenin, organizer: “Many people did not go to Murmansk to tour our native city. We have interesting hidden places, which only guide guides know and they share these secrets. ”

The tour starts where the city was once laid – at the Kirov Culture House. Guide Natalia Mochalova thumbs pages of urban history – fishing and military, Soviet and modern.

Natalia Mochalova, tour guide: “Many people know, but do not know specifically any historical events that occur, because they leave in the summer. The city is becoming more and more beautiful, new monuments are being opened. Well, the history of the city you need to know. ”

By the way, Natalia Grigorevna conducts excursions around the capital of the Kola Peninsula for several decades. She worked in the Soviet travel agency. I grew up in a military family, so I had to travel since childhood. Rynda, Teriberka and, finally, Murmansk.

Olga Dirnes: “So, there were circumstances that I live in another country. And I come and I rejoice, and I watch. People change, the city changes. ”

Источник: http://www.tv21.ru/our-morning/2018/09/03/glazami-turista-ekskursiya-po-stolice-zapolyarya

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