Entry to Russia for Chinese tourists is closed. Comments by the CEO VisitMurmansk.

Our dear guests, let’s talk about the current situation. Since January 28, Russian tour operators have stopped accepting new organized tourist groups from China. Restrictions on their sending imposed by the Chinese authorities. As a measure to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

We regret to those guests from China who planned to visit Murmansk. All tour operators and hotels in Murmansk are trying to be understanding.

Oleg Terebenin, general director of the travel company VisitMurmansk, gave an interview to the main news channels of the region: “We hope that everything will return to normal soon. It is unfortunate that the plans of tourists from China fell through at the last moment when the border was closed. Of course, our company suffered some losses, but not too big. The main thing for us is to maintain cooperation with China and so that this situation improves as soon as possible. We also have many tourists from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan and other markets. Also southern Europe, America. “

Deputy General Director of the Hotel Andrei Milokhin: “We do not set penalties. Moreover, we even return the money that has already been paid and which could not be returned under the contract, but we still make such a decision, because long-term cooperation is more important immediate benefits. “

The next 2-3 weeks will show how serious the problem is: if reports of coronavirus disappear and the ban on travel groups from China is lifted, everything will gradually return to normal.

The locals have no reason to panic.

Our region in this and managed to seriously hedge. Experts say that the situation is completely controlled, the built-in system has already shown itself.

Source: https://murman.tv/news/russian-1/novosti/1580221932-turoperatory-priostanavlivayut-priem-grup-iz-kitaya-v-murmanskoy-oblasti-postavlen-zaslon-na-puti-koronavirusa


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