Feast of the Pomeranian Roe in the village of Kurezka Murmansk Region

Today in Kuzreka there is a holiday of Pomorian Roe.
Pomorian Roe – ritual cookies from salted rye dough, baked in Pomor families from the XII century.
In the morning, “Street of Masters” and “Glutton row” will work with the products of local craftsmen and manufacturers. At 12 o’clock the official opening of the holiday will take place, within the framework of which the folk groups from Umba, Varzuga, cities of the Murmansk region, Konakovo, Tver region will perform.

For the guests of the holiday, a master class on stucco molding and mural painting will also be organized. There will be an exhibition of paintings by Irina Sitdikova from Apatity and a rural beauty contest for garden scarecrows.

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on Aug 05, 2017

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