Holiday Pomeranian Roe

This Saturday (August 6)  in the village Kuzreka  held a holiday Pomeranian Roe.

Serving a lot of bands from the Murmansk region: Umba, Polar Zorya, etc. Molochniy, Varzuga, Murmansk, and overseas guests the singer of Finland.. Songs, dances, traditional Russian costumes, master classes on modeling Roe, ice sculptures, souvenir shop, venison, open-air cafe – it was really fun holiday. Organizing and conducting were great, all were ecstatic!

During the festival, you can walk along the coast of the White Sea, beautiful views, clean air, friendly atmosphere reigned everywhere.

Every year, this festival is visited by more and more people, it really deserves attention.

In the following year holiday promises to be even more ambitious and fun, our company will be glad to offer you a tour for next year on the feast of the Pomor Roe in Kuzreke!



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