Many people come to our regions to see the Polar Lights! Let’s understand as there is this udivitelyy phenomenon?
The polar lights this natural phenomenon of improbable beauty, a natural luminescence of the sky which excites minds of people not one century. This phenomenon is called still an aurora or a polar light. The phenomenon by interaction of solar particles with Earth upper atmosphere is caused.

Legends of Eskimos

Eskimos have been sure that they the shining curtain on the heavenly arch are a trace from playing soccer. On their belief, spirits took a skull of a walrus as a ball and began the mad entertainments. At the same time Eskimos very much were afraid of attack of these spirits therefore never left the dwelling without weapon. The northern people believed that to force aurora borealis to disappear they will be able in very original way – cotton in palms, and to appear again – whistle.

Eskimos never watched long heavenly color tapes. They considered that it is a direct way to madness.

As there are polar lights in the nature

The sun – a star which consists of particles of hydrogen and helium. They, in turn, are a set of negatively charged electrons and positively charged protons. During one of explosions in the Sun billions of these charged particles with a speed not less than 950 meters per second direct to our planet. They reach our blue planet about two days later. At the time of their contact with an ionosphere there is an interaction to parts of the discharged gases. The beautiful luminescence also appears from behind it.

To understand that such polar lights, it is necessary to imagine magnetic field of Earth. The globe plays a role of a huge magnet to which solar wind flies. Power lines push away solar parts to the North and South Pole of our planet. There they get to an ionosphere through polar kaspa (these are funnels in an atmospheric layer).

Exactly here the power clot is also born, then it turns into a luminescence. Atoms which were in wild spirits gradually calm down. From particles the soft luminescence begins to proceed.

When there are polar lights?

The grandiose event is observed most often during the autumn and spring period, namely since October prior to the beginning of the next year. The peak of rate is time, the most approximate by the autumn and vernal equinox.

Optimum time of day for observations – night. Exactly at night will distract nothing from contemplation of an improbable luminescence in a firmament. Midnight is ideal for this purpose in the north.

Where there are polar lights?

It is possible to observe a nature miracle near magnetic poles of our planet. It is important to remember that in city conditions it is rather difficult to make out and estimate a charm of a polar luminescence. In megalopolises it is impossible because of night-time lighting of streets at all. With own eyes to meet a phenomenon, it is necessary “to hunt” for it.