Important for the Murmansk region the Northern Sea Route will be developed by the Chinese

Ten thousand kilometers through the ice and ruthless frost. There, on the outskirts of civilization, a powerful economic potential is dormant. The northern sea route, which begins in the Murmansk region and passes through the Arctic, must be developed by leaps and bounds.

Unfortunately, money and other resources are not always enough to properly master the new transportation system. If you connect other states – it will be easier. Apparently, this decision was guided by the Russian authorities, enlisting the support of the Celestial Empire. An important document on the northern sea route was published on June 8. The agreement on cooperation was signed by the President of Russia, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China.

“Joint development of the northern sea route should speed up the transportation of natural gas from the wells of the Russian North to China,” First Channel “reports referring to a source in the government.

It is unlikely, of course, we are talking about the Shtokman field. After all, after a number of unfulfilled hopes to believe in this site, the northerners stopped. Either way, the active use of the Northern Sea Route will lead to a “run-in” of this transport corridor. And attracting additional resources, both monetary and technical.


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on Jun 09, 2018

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