Navy Day 28 of July

Residents and visitors of the city of Severomorsk on Russian Navy Day will be able to get acquainted with the combat capabilities of the Northern Fleet during the traditional military and sports holiday that will take place after the parade of ships in the water area of ​​the Kola Bay.

Surface ships, submarines of the Northern Fleet will demonstrate various elements of tactical actions in their function.

The base minesweepers of the Kola flotilla of dissimilar forces will trawl the conditional fairway, the atomic and diesel submarines will make an emergency dive and ascend, the small anti-submarine ships “Snezhnogorsk” and “Brest” will attack the submarine using jet deep-sea bombs, and the small rocket ship “Rassvet” Suppression of coastal targets on the island of Small Varlamov.

One of the most spectacular episodes of the holiday will be a battle for landing an assault on the unequipped coast with the support of aviation. A landing party consisting of a large landing ship of the Kondopoga and two amphibious boats will land a sea assault on armored personnel carriers by way of floating, which will fire at the firing points of the conventional enemy, located on the shore, with unmanned ammunition.

An air strike against fortified coastal positions and a cover from the air of the landing forces will simulate the Su-24m bombers and the Mi-8 helicopter.

Traditionally, Marines will demonstrate the skills of hand-to-hand combat.

Also, episodes of material and technical and search and rescue support of forces at sea will be shown.

At the end of the military sports festival, the audience will be presented with a “waltz of tugboats” – figure maneuvering performed by the tugboat Dolphin and Kasatka.

In total, about 20 crews of warships, more than 15 armored vehicles, 3 aircraft of the Air Force and Air Defense Army will be involved in the military sporting event.

A parade of garrison troops will also take place in Severomorsk. To visit the civilian population, two warships will be prepared, as well as an exhibition of weapons and military equipment on the territory of the junction of anti-submarine ships.

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