Navy Day. Severomorsk


Our company offers you a trip in Severomorsk program on the day of the Navy July 31, 2016!

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Murmansk – Severomorsk – Safonovo – Murmansk

  • Departure from Murmansk.
  • Arriving at the checkpoint Severomorsk.
    • The program of festive events dedicated to the Day of the Navy:
    • Maritime area, North Sea raid;
    • The ceremonial laying of flowers at the monument to “Heroes, Severomorsk, the defenders of the Soviet Arctic”;
    • The parade of ships of the Northern Fleet. Military sports festival “In our harbor Neptune”;
    • Excursion to the legendary submarine museum K-21;
    • Visiting Northern Fleet ships residents and visitors;
    • Visit the Aviation Museum Village. Safonovo;
    • Visits house-museum of Yuri Gagarin.


  • Visiting the trade fair with the participation of local entrepreneurs. Masters of folk and applied art will delight guests copyright products in Severomorsk during the parade.
  • Sightseeing tour of Severomorsk.
  • Lunch (optional, extra charge).
  • Visit the gift shop where you can buy souvenirs related to the Kola Peninsula and the Northern Fleet.
  • Return to Murmansk.



Included in cost:

    • transfer Murmansk-Severomorsk, Murmansk,
    • visiting all these museums.

All that is not specified in the program, to be paid extra.
Please note, the company reserves the right to change the order of site visits. The program may be modified or supplemented.
If not set group tour dates are transferred by agreement or made a refund.


Attention! Book a trip, as well as to provide necessary documents until 31 May 2016. It takes time to process permits for celebrations in Severomorsk.


Travel Information:

* When you set the group of 15 tourists can free trip leader.



Day of the Navy – a memorable day. It celebrated annually on the last Sunday of July. Established by the Decree of President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation on May 31, 2006 № 549 “On the establishment of professional holidays and memorable days in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.”


On the Day of the Russian Navy its professional holiday celebrated by all those who stand guard over maritime borders, all those who associate of his life and service to ensure the combat readiness of the ships and units of the Navy, military family members and employees of the naval establishments and enterprises, veterans war and Armed Forces.


In the Soviet Union Day of the Navy it was established by the Decree of the Council of People’s Commissars of the USSR and the Central Committee of the Communist Bolshevik Party dated 22 June 1939, according to which the holiday was celebrated on 24 July each year. The resolution stated: “In order to mobilize the broad masses of working people around the issues of construction of the Workers and Peasants of the Navy of the USSR and its tasks, set the Day of the Navy of the USSR.”


In 2014, the festival celebrated its 75th anniversary.

On the last Sunday of July this festive date was postponed by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR from October 1, 1980 № 3018-X “On public holidays and commemorative days.” Then the date was confirmed by the Decree of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR from November 1, 1988 № 9724-XI «On Amendments to the legislation of the USSR on holidays and memorial days” and subsequent legislation.


“Day of the Russian Navy – a tribute to the honor and glory of sailors of all generations, their mothers and their wives, their families, stand the pain of separation and longing expectation. Navy Day – a memory of Russian naval glory.


It begins the annual celebration of Navy Day with a solemn formation personnel of the naval units and raising St. Andrew’s flag on the ships and flags colorization (Signal flags). On this day, military parades and military-sports based on the areas of the Pacific, the North, Baltic and Black Sea fleets and the Caspian platinum. Some warships to civilians held “open day”. The country’s leadership and the higher ranks of the Navy of the Russian Federation congratulated his subordinates on their professional holiday, and the most distinguished servicemen awarded state awards, mementos, government certificates, thanked the Russian Navy Command, assigned to the extraordinary military ranks.

Nearing completion celebrations usually concerts and fireworks.


The history of Severomorsk


The first settlement arose on the site of the present city in the years 1896-1897 and was named after the mouth of the river and – Vaenga from Sami “vayongg” – female deer Vazhenkov. Residents engaged in hunting, fishing and animal husbandry. In 1917 there lived only 13 people.
The emergence of the Northern Fleet Base.


In 1926 the Murmansk office was based on logging, one of the cooperatives of which was sent to Vaenga. In the village were built barracks, dormitory, bath, laid telephone line.


In 1933, the bay was chosen as one of the bases for the newly created Northern Fleet.
From 1934 until the beginning of World War II in the city were built of wood and brick buildings, military installations, and in the neighboring bay – the aerodrome of naval aviation. Since August 1941 all the construction was suspended.
As construction was resumed after the war. Vaenga, taking into account the existing arrangement, was chosen the main place of basing of the Northern Fleet.
September 1, 1947 from the Arctic to Vaenga relocated staff and management of the Northern Fleet.
Also in 1947, the first high school was opened. The population was 3884 man.
In 1948 Vaenga was first formed by the Village Council of People’s Deputies.


April 18, 1951 the working settlement Vaenga received a new status and a new name – the city of Severomorsk.
By the 1960s, the city was already thoroughly equipped by – let your products bakery, sausage factory, workshop for the production of soft drinks, was put into operation a swimming pool.
November 26, 1996 Decree of the President of the Russian Federation as a major city of Severomorsk naval base converted into a closed city (city district) to include in its submission settlements Safonovo, Roslyakovo, Safonovo-1, Severomorsk-3, Shchukozero.


Video. Day of the Navy in Severomorsk


Video. Museum Safonovo


Video of the parade on the day of the Navy in Severomorsk 2015


Video parade of ships on the day of the Navy in Severomorsk 2015



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