New original benches in Murmansk

It’s no secret that the problem of shortage of benches in Murmansk is very acute in recent years. Many streets have no places to sit – there is no even ordinary shops. The original benches were installed to solve this problem. They are made on the sketches of the inhabitants of Murmansk to the 100th anniversary of our city.

Musical bench

A resident of Murmansk Irina Loskutov was very happy when she found out that the bench on its thumbnail will be installed in the alley in the Music Lovers park. And not without reason, because she loves to walk there. In addition, it is not far from the place where she works.


As recognized by Irina, the idea came up quickly. She really wanted that bench pleased and inspired people, but its outline should be simple and straightforward to implement. The girl is very worried if she wins in the competition. And the miracle happend!

Irina was so glad that her bench can beautify the city for its anniversary.

– It is very important that in our Murmansk city dwellers have the opportunity to participate so actively in the life of the city – says Irina. – Thank you to the city for such a good idea! Because along with the city of Murmansk embodied so many interesting projects to life! I sincerely wish our city flourished, and more! For here we have always sought guests! Murmansk really changed in recent years, has blossomed, became stylish, cozy and modern.

As it turned out, Irina suffered not in vain. In fact, the popularity of the new facility at the Music park is growing every day. The original bench considering everything from small to large and affects its originality and beauty!

Bench Meetings

The author of the sketch of this remarkable Bench meeting is murmanchanka Nina Savchuk.

“It is not often possible to experience such a simple human happiness from what you are able to present a gift to all residents, the city, and even on the eve of its centenary! – Tatiana Kononenko enthusiastically confessed. – Murmansk became a city in which you want to live, where there is a single team of city authorities and caring citizens, and this team has already implemented many joint projects I urge all citizens -. get up from the sofa, offers interesting ideas, be indifferent, loving your beautiful city a year ago I suggested that the city authorities the idea to hold a contest for the best design of the original. benches and now see the real results of the joint project “.


Furthermore, she added that it is very proud of their city. Nina admits that she is very pleased to see how her native Murmansk transformed with more and more every year. And it is important that she sees the real initiative to citizens, allowing to make our city better.

Bench Lovers

A resident of Murmansk Yana Kulik and her daughter Sofia are very creative girls, so they were really happy to have taken part in this competition.

Yana is an animal artist. Therefore it was not difficult to create her own new sketch. She made some sketches, but only Bench Lovers won.

By my nature, I am a person who always believes in miracles around because wanted to create this “magic” architectural object. To every citizen left his friendly energy and charged to its other citizens !, – says Yana herself.

She said that daughter helped her to create this sketch. Sofia went on mother’s footsteps and is now also studying at art school.

When I got a call from the office “Vecherka” and said that the bench based on my sketch is set in a park in the street Zoe Kosmodemyanskoy, I could not believe my ears! Murmanchane, believe, miracles do happen! In me the storm was raging emotions, it was unexpected and very nice. I presented the joyful faces of people who will come to rest on the “my” shop, it will come to the couple, maybe even hang locks on happiness and love, will remember this day, Valentine’s bench and keep their feelings for years to come! I am proud that I did something useful and very good for the beloved city and dear citizens – recognized artist.

Bench KVN

Young, cheerful and resourceful guys from the “national team of the city of Murmansk” decided to decorate your gift to the city emblems of his team: butterfly, cod, a ship, the helm and sail. “Bench KVN” is now gives joy to visitors park “Youth” in the prospectus of Kirov. Young mothers with children sit down to relax and take pictures, read a book and enjoy the beauty of nature.


KVN Member Nikolai Parshin (anchor) said that the guys came up with a few sketches, but chose the most symbolic.

– This is our gift to Murmansk and Murmansk from all KVN-movement, – said Nikolai. – Bench in the end turned out even better than we imagined! We can see that the wizard did it with a soul. We hope rested on the bench all citizens will experience only the happy emotions. And maybe because of it to light a new jokes!

– We do not doubt that rest in the park townspeople will take good care of this bench – added member of the KVN team “Murmansk Team” Denis Shalabanov. – Bench is so beautifully done! Wonderful gift hometown for the 100th anniversary.


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