Opening of the Snow Village December 24

December 24 will be opened “Snow Village”.

Unique excursion and tourist object, built entirely of snow and ice.

World snow and ice fairy tales and magic winter: snow halls, corridors, rooms, galleries, ice furniture, sculptures, bas-reliefs, the patterns on the walls, lighting effects and installations slides.

For everyone:

Walk through the halls and galleries “Snow Village”

otdoh in the ice bar

view in cinema film about a snow village

visit the gallery of ice sculptures

For younger guests, organized tours of the “Snow Village” with a fairy-tale characters, skating with slides inflatable sled.

In the “Snow Village” or you can spend a family friendly picnic. We will provide you a suitable place, grill, skewers, grill for grilling.



Snowmobile trip across the tundra with a breeze. And if you are used to keep everything in their hands, teach you how to manage the iron horse, and go!

Walk on the reindeer: breathe fresh air and enjoy a frosty northern nature and mountain scenery.

The most unusual experience – the night in the “Snow Village” – in the ice palace, in the midst of Khibiny Mountains, under the northern lights.

The temperature inside the “Snow Village” does not rise above -5 ° C, and to explore all need at least an hour. Dress warmer!




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